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  • OJ Simpson questions Dak Prescott's clutch gene after Cowboys' 16-28 loss - "He's gonna find some way to screw up"
OJ Simpson thinks Dak Prescott is still not clutch enough to be elite

OJ Simpson questions Dak Prescott's clutch gene after Cowboys' 16-28 loss - "He's gonna find some way to screw up"

After seeing a stunning defeat for the Dallas Cowboys, OJ Simpson has a pessimistic outlook on Dak Prescott.

On Sunday, the Cowboys visited the Arizona Cardinals and were heavily favored to win. They had elite weapons on both offense and defense, while their opponents were arguably among the worst teams in the league and allegedly in the midst of one of the most blatant tank jobs in professional sports, having benched star quarterback Kyler Murray.


Surprisingly, however, the Cardinals won 28-16, largely thanks to a timely touchdown pass by backup Josh Dobbs to Marquise Brown. Prescott, meanwhile, was intercepted once, likely contributing to Dallas' defeat.

O. J. Simpson questions Dak Prescott's decision-making in crunch time


A day after the game, the Hall of Fame running back visited the It Is What It Is podcast to discuss the game and its impact on the Cowboys and Dak Prescott. He showed a rather negative assessment of it, comparing him to his predecessor.

(quote begins at 38:08)

"I don't know what to tell you about Dak. They got down there in the fourth quarter, he threw an interception. And it's almost like he put on Romo's jersey when the game's on the line."

When asked to elaborate, Simpson claimed that at some point, Prescott would find a way to waste a fantastic performance with a costly error:

"He's gonna find some way to screw up. He's gonna throw an interception. He's gonna try to scramble and get tackled in the back. Look that's what was happening last year with them when they went to San Francisco."

O. J. Simpson predicts Bills-Dolphins winner will be best NFL team

In the same appearance, OJ Simpson also discussed his former Buffalo Bills' impending Week 4 matchup against the Miami Dolphins.

While the Bills have rebounded with dominant wins against the Las Vegas Raiders and Washington Commanders, the Dolphins have been the breakout team of 2023 so far, winning their first three games. Simpson thinks the stakes are very high in this clash.

(quote begins at 24:48)

"I've been saying for two months, the two teams that scared me were Miami first, and then the Jets. Well, the Jets lost (Aaron) Rodgers, but they still beat the Bills. Miami beat (the Bills) last year, and if Tua (Tagovailoa) is on the field with them, I kind of think (the Dolphins) are the best team in football.
"But I know that the Bills this week - whoever comes out of that game the winner, I'm going to think is the best team in football."

That game will air on Sunday afternoon, with the Josh Allen-Stefon Diggs vs. Tua Tagovailoa-Tyreek Hill duel expected to be a major talking point beforehand.

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