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Cam Newton with Shannon Sharpe

"Point taken" - Cam Newton responds to Shannon Sharpe's 'random' shot

Cam Newton is attempting to make a comeback after not playing a game for more than a year. He last appeared during the 2021 NFL season, struggling to a 0-5 record with less than 100 yards per game with the Carolina Panthers. Despite being 33 years old, the former NFL MVP apparently believes he has another run as a starting quarterback left in him.

Newton participated in a pro-day workout with Auburn University ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft. He wanted to showcase his skills while helping draft prospects from his alma mater make an impression on NFL teams.


NFL analyst Shannon Sharpe was not impressed by Cam Newton's attempt to become a starting quarterback again. During an "Undisputed" episode, he explained why Newton is no longer the superstar he once was and is instead just a "random" quarterback.

"Cam, it's 2023. You're one of them randoms. The last time Cam Newton won a game was 2020. The last time he passed for 3,000 yards in a season was 2018. The last time he started every game in a season was 2017. The last time he started a playoff game was 2017. The last time he made the Pro Bowl was 2015. Cam is basing everything on what he once was.
"I don't know if Cam has looked at film from 2020 and 2021, but he wasn't good. I don't know who's in his ear because I'm going to keep it 100 with you and everyone watching and with Cam. Cam, you haven't been good for a very long time, bro. I'm going to tell you something that they're probably not telling you in your circle. That's how the league looks at you now. You're one of them randoms."
Unc Shannon sharpe went IN on cam Newton after he announced he was gonna be throwing at auburn pro day

Newton noted Sharpe's harsh criticism and went to his Twitter account to share a response.

"Point taken. And I'm not denying some facts that you brought up. Very valid. But if you give me a full offseason to learn what I'm supposed to do with a stable franchise, I promise you, I will prove that I'm no random."
@shannonsharpeee ₽ØÎÑT TÄK£Ñ @ShannonSharpe áñd Î ám ñøt dēñÿīñg šømē fáčtš thát ÿøū bøūght ūp ÜÑK #vērÿVÄŁÎD ßÜT ÎF ¥ØÜ GÎV£ M£ Ä fūłł ØFF§£Ä§ØÑ TØ Ł£ÄRÑ whát Î ám šūppøšēd tø dø wīth á §TÄߣ£ FRÄÑČHΧ£. Î prømīšē ¥ØÜ, Î wīłł ₽RØV£ thát Îm ÑØ RÄÑDØM šīr

Cam Newton clearly believes that he can still thrive in the right situation. While this may be true, at this point in his career, he may be a better as a backup quarterback than a starter.

Cam Newton can be a useful asset, just not a starting QB in 2023

Cam Newton

Cam Newton has severely struggled in the passing game over his last three seasons split between the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots. During the three-year stretch, he completed less than 60 percent of his passes with just 12 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. His passing numbers make it highly unlikely that any team will make him their starting quarterback in 2023.

Where Newton can still be helpful is as a backup quarterback and in gadget offensive packages where he can be used as a runner. He rushed for 822 yards and 17 touchdowns across his last two seasons. If he's willing to serve in a role other than a starting quarterback, he may still be extremely useful during the 2023 NFL season.

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