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Rob Gronkowski, left, Bill Belichick, right

Rob Gronkowski spotlights Patriots' breaking point with Bill Belichick

The New England Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick picked up a much-needed win last night against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night.

New England edged Pittsburgh 21-18, earning their third win of the season. With the victory, New England improved to 3-10 on the season.


While New England has struggled just about everywhere this season, Belichick has been seen as a candidate on the hot seat. Some think he could be fired by the end of the season while others think he will stay put in New England.

Former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski, who played all but two years of his NFL career under Belichick, thinks he will remain the team's head coach next season. Apeearing on Pardon My Take, Gronkowski stated that if Belichick has another disastrous season next year like this year, then he will be fired.

"I would be surprised for him to go to a different team... I mean, he would have to have another year like this year, next year for them to finally be like ‘Alright, it's time. Let's move on.’ But, I truly believe that he will be [with the Patriots] next year."

Rob Gronkowski could see one scenario that would see Bil Belichick leaving New England next season

Rob Gronkowski during Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots

While Rob Gronkowski said he thinks Bill Belichick will remain with the New England Patriots next season, there is one scenario that he can see happening where Belichick could depart from the team.

During a recent episode on Up & Adams, Gronkowski told host Kay Adams that the only way he could see Belichick leaving the Patriots next season is if it is mutualy agreed upon.

"The only way I would say that he would coach somewhere else is if it's mutually agreed upon between both parties. That's the only way I see that happening."

Belichick has been the Patriots' head coach for 24 years. If he returns next season, he will have been with the team for a quarter-century. Belichick has a career record of 331-174 and a 31-13 postseason record.

The Patriots have four games left this season to try to end on high note. If the Pats can work some magic, maybe the front office will retain Belichick.

Do you think Bill Belichick will depart from the Patriots next season?

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