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  • "They've been mediocre for a while now" - Robert Griffin III lashes out at Cowboys' stagnancy
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys

"They've been mediocre for a while now" - Robert Griffin III lashes out at Cowboys' stagnancy

Even though they lost in the playoffs, the Dallas Cowboys are still the subject of much discussion in the news.

One of the many people talking about Dallas is Robert Griffin III. RGIII had a lot to say about the team and where they stand as of today.

"Continuity is often a key or a precursor to success," RGIII said. "I just don't look at it that way for the Cowboys. They're bringing back the two coordinators from a team that underachieved last year. And not only that, they're also bringing back the two clubhouse favorites to replace Mike McCarthy after he had a tough year with clock management.
"So when I look at Kellen Moore, I think to myself, man, this Cowboys offense is too talented for them to have the struggles that they had late in the year last year and not be clicking on all cylinders, and what are they going to do with Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup? They've got extreme talent, the wide receiver position that helped him lead the league in yards per game, but they have to figure out if they're going to bring them back where they can do a running back. "

RGIII continued to express his concerns about the Cowboys.

"You got Ezekiel Elliott, who you're paying a gazillion Bitcoin to, Tony Pollard, who's out there giving you massive amounts of production when he's not really getting paid that much," RGIII said. "So they have a lot more questions, but continuity might not be a good thing for the Cowboys as they've been mediocre for a while now."

Are the Dallas Cowboys in crisis?

Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been ticked off every since his team lost in the first round of the playoffs to the San Francisico 49ers. Jones has called out players and coaches for their failures this season.

Mike McCarthy deserves criticism. His team failed and all he did was make excuses for it.

But this mess is 100% on Jerry Jones. He has created a circus that has no good ending for his team which is insane.

The Cowboys Way. twitter.com/richeisenshow/…
His boss openly suggested one of his coordinators was head coaching material for the @dallascowboys and then there’s all the Sean Payton rumors.

How does all this sit with Mike McCarthy and has he talked with Jerry Jones about it??

@richeisen asked him point blank today:
4:45 AM · Feb 15, 2022

Many wondered if he was going to clean house, especially when New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton retired a few weeks later. Jones made it clear that this may be the last ride for several players and coaches, including head coach Mike McCarthy. It's clear that he is at the end of his rope with this team and for better or worse, this is it for them.

Jones expects improvement, especially on the offensive side of the ball. It's clear that if Payton isn't available or doesn't want the Dallas job, Jones is prepared to make a change.


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