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  • Shannon Sharpe explains why Aaron Rodgers is already falling short of Tom Brady’s bar in Tampa Bay
Shannon Sharpe explains why Rodgers in New York won't reach Brady's heights.

Shannon Sharpe explains why Aaron Rodgers is already falling short of Tom Brady’s bar in Tampa Bay

Aaron Rodgers is now a New York Jet . There are people already comparing his situation to Tom Brady and his decision to switch to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Fox Sports Undusputed co-host and NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe believes that Aaron Rodgers' situation won't be the same as Brady's time with Tampa Bay. Rodgers is already missing OTA's and bringing up what he did in Green Bay.


Rodgers is already missing Jets OTA's due to a reported calf injury. Brady was making time to get to know his new receivers when he made the switch.

Rodgers stated that he had won MVP's and a Super Bowl not doing OTA's. Of course, this rubbed people the wrong way.

Sharpe said on Undisputed:

“You go to New York, what you did in Green Bay doesn't matter. You had won one Super Bowl. That's what I loved about Tom. Listen, let him talk. He went to Tampa. He said ‘what I did in New England has no bearing on what I do here."

Sharpe is right. Aaron Rodgers is with a different team this season. Regardless of whether he participated in OTA's or not in the past, he has to build a rapport with his new teammates.

They say the media is different in New York, and Rodgers is already finding out how ruthless they can be.

What are expectations for Aaron Rodgers' first year in New York?

New York Jets Offseason Workout

Depending on who is asked, it is going to be Super Bowl or bust with the Jets' current roster. Is that possible? Well, people say that Brady did it, so why can't Rodgers?


There is some truth to that. However, Aaron Rodger is already missing time to acclimate himself to the new offense and his teammates. For some, he is already behind the eight ball.


With the Jets having a stellar defense and an offense that just needed a veteran quarterback to drive it, New York is in a great position. But of course, he hasn't played a single down yet. The practices during OTA's and training camp are paramount to success during the season.

Aaron Rodgers begins #Jets OTAs on the bike—with buddy Randall Cobb beside him. twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

While Rodgers might have hurt his calf, there are some detractors to this. Being in the media spotlight in New York, Aaron Rodgers is finding out how much pressure he's under already.

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