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  • Skip Bayless rips Jalen Hurts' Eagles after 42-19 blowout loss to 49ers: "Got smashed by the team that was out of their league"
Bayless has ripped the Eagles over their loss to the 49ers.

Skip Bayless rips Jalen Hurts' Eagles after 42-19 blowout loss to 49ers: "Got smashed by the team that was out of their league"

The San Francisco 49ers rolled into Lincoln Financial Field and laid a 42-19 beatdown on the Philadelphia Eagles, and Skip Bayless has torn the Eagles to shreds.

In a game that had as much build-up as a playoff game, given how much either team was chirping back, it was the 49ers who got the last laugh. Aside from a shaky start as they were down 6-0, the 49ers then clicked into gear and scored a touchdown on the next six consecutive drives.


The loss for Philadelphia now puts them within striking distance of the Dallas Cowboys, whom they play on Sunday night, and the whole NFC playoff picture was just blown wide open.

Bayles tears Eagles to shreds over 49ers loss


As bad losses go, this would have to be up there for Philadelphia, as they barely fired a shot in the loss, and in truth, the game wasn't even close.

For Bayless, who was talking on Fox Sports' Undisputed, the Philadelphia defense got taught a lesson.


Bayless said:

“The Eagles defense is torturable. They were on borrowed time for four straight weeks and yesterday, they just got smashed by the team that was out of their league, the 49ers just outclassed them in every way, shape, and form. I don't know how the Eagles can fix their defense on the fly."
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"I disagreed with Jalen Hurts because he wouldn't give San Francisco any credit, he said it was because we did not play to the standard. And you can apply to whatever standard you want to but you're going to get blown off the field because you're just not as good.”

Are Jalen Hurts and Philadelphia in trouble after 49ers blowout?

San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles

A team that is 10-2 in trouble? Well, sort of. It is no secret that Philadelphia have been on borrowed time the last couple of weeks, and had Kansas City Chiefs receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling caught that pass late in the game and Buffalo Bills' Gabe Davis done the same, Philadelphia would be on a three-game losing streak.


They had their luck, but against the 49ers, it ran out. Playing catch-up football is a dangerous way to play, and Philadelphia took advantage of the Chiefs and Bills' inability to close out the game. Well, the 49ers had no such problems.

Philadelphia isn't "in trouble" as of yet, but if they lay an egg against the Cowboys and, in doing so, lose control of the division, it might be panic stations.

Things have been wobbly for a few weeks, but now Philadelphia gets a week to sharpen up before facing Dallas in what now looms as nearly a must-win game.

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