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  • Stephen A. Smith declares there’s “no way in hell” Chiefs can win Super Bowl amid spate of dropped passes 
Stephen A. Smith declares there’s “no way in hell” the Chiefs can win the Super Bowl

Stephen A. Smith declares there’s “no way in hell” Chiefs can win Super Bowl amid spate of dropped passes 

The Kansas City Chiefs are 8-4 and need to win out to keep a record in line with most of their years during the Patrick Mahomes era. However, a 1-2 run in the past three games has led to many doubting them, including Stephen A. Smith. Speaking on First Take, the show host underlined wide receiver drops to be the biggest problem keeping the Chiefs out of the Super Bowl hunt.

Here's how he put it:

"[00:03:50] No disrespect, because Valdes-Scantling, up until this year, we weren't really saying that about him to the degree that we are now. But my God, it is bad in Kansas City. There is no way in hell you can win a Super Bowl if your receivers can't catch. [00:04:09]"

He later specifically took a shot at Travis Kelce as well:

"[00:06:42] One quick question. I think it's very, very important to ask this question. Does Taylor Swift have any concerts overseas he might travel to? I mean, that is a factor. [00:06:55]"

Of course, the joke was that Kelce would probably skip out on his teammates in the biggest moment of the season to go on tour with his girlfriend.


Chiefs offense tumbles in second season without Tyreek Hill

Patrick Mahomes at Chiefs Raiders Football

Many thought it would come much sooner, but Kansas City's offense is stumbling in the wake of Tyreek Hill's exit. Last year, Patrick Mahomes' offense ranked first in yards per game and points per game. This year, the team ranks eighth in yards per game and 11th in points per game.

Mahomes is just four interceptions shy of setting a career-high in the statistic. Even if he were to throw three more, it would be tied for the most in his career, save for one season.


In his past five games, the quarterback has thrown for four interceptions alone, putting him on a pace he does not want to be on.

At this point, Justin Fields has more four-touchdown games this season (two) than Mahomes (one). Matthew Stafford is also tied with Mahomes in that statistic.

Of course, one thing the Chiefs have that most others lack is playoff experience. If one looks up and down the roster, there is Super Bowl experience soaked into the depth chart. The playoffs are a new animal, and in the AFC, the only non-retired quarterback who has tasted an AFC Championship win since 2016 is Joe Burrow.

Will that be enough to trump all regular-season arguments?

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