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  • Stephen A. Smith makes his feelings known about Pat McAfee’s new ESPN deal - “Today is your turn, tomorrow's mine”
Stephen A. Smith talks about Pat McAfee's new ESPN deal

Stephen A. Smith makes his feelings known about Pat McAfee’s new ESPN deal - “Today is your turn, tomorrow's mine”

Stephen A. Smith is arguably the biggest personality in the sports media world, and he is the face of ESPN. Recently, it was reported that the media network has signed an iconic deal with Pat McAfee, and the former Indianapolis Colts punter's fast-growing show will soon be under ESPN.

It is reported that McAfee signed a five-year contract worth around $85 million and it made many people think that Stephen A. might be upset with those figures. However, that isn't the case as Smith is happy that McAfee got that deal.


Here's what he said on the Stephen A. Smith Show:

“I don't give a damn he negotiated his deal a few weeks ago I negotiated my deal a few years ago. Climate is different, market is different, different things are happening, and the situation is not the same.
"Pat McAfee deserves it, if you're looking for some hater right here wrong place. Pat McAfee has been doing the Pat McAfee show for six years, he's got over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, people watch him, people enjoy him, particularly the younger demographic, not to mention the fact he does a phenomenal job on college football game day.
"You think I'm looking at Pat McAfee and I'm upset I'm thankful. Appreciate it bro. thank you very very much, today is your turn tomorrow's mine, that's how I think about it.”

Smith stated that Pat McAfee deserved the ESPN deal as his show has a large fan base. He also hinted that McAfee's new deal has opened doors for him to get a much more lucrative deal once his contract is up.

Given the fact that Smith works on a lot of shows for ESPN, it will be interesting to see what the numbers on his new deal will look like.

Stephen A. Smith would love to have Shannon Sharpe on ESPN

Stephen A. Smith: Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game 5

Shannon Sharpe is set to leave FOX Sports as the media outlet recently bought out his contract, and the NFL Hall of Famer could soon be soon a new network. Sharpe will certainly garner significant interest due to his dynamic personality.


Stephen A. recently discussed Sharpe's departure from FOX and stated that he would welcome the three-time Super Bowl champion to ESPN. If Sharpe ends up signing with ESPN, fans will be excited to see him in a different capacity than Skip Bayless.

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