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  • Stephen A. Smith slams Dak Prescott for his positive comments about Mike McCarthy - "Mean absolutely nothing"
Stephen A. Smith isn't trusting Dak Prescott's words

Stephen A. Smith slams Dak Prescott for his positive comments about Mike McCarthy - "Mean absolutely nothing"

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott recently applauded head coach Mike McCarthy's approach to play-calling. McCarthy was given the duty of calling plays after the Cowboys fired Kellen Moore, but many had questions about him.

Cowboys fans have gained some faith as a result of Prescott's recent words, but Stephen A. Smith remains skeptical. He feels the same thing happens every year and that Prescott will continue to disappoint.


Smith said:

"Dak Prescott's words mean absolutely nothing to me, it should mean absolutely nothing to anybody any football fan out there. His words should mean nothing, he is the most useless quote in sports.
"You can find clips of Dak Prescott, any season from his rookie year to now eight, nine years later, the beginning of the season, the middle of the season, three-quarters of the season, the postseason when he gets there, and certainly after he loses, which is always inevitable, it's the same damn thing, it never changes."

The Dallas Cowboys have been eliminated from the playoffs twice in a row by the San Francisco 49ers, and Prescott has struggled in both games.


Head coach Mike McCarthy has been on the hot seat for a while now, and if he makes egregious errors next season, it won't be a surprise if Jerry Jones decides to part ways with him.

Dak Prescott will be under massive pressure next season

Dak Prescott: NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers

Next season in Dallas could be make-or-break for Prescott. He will be a free agent in 2025, and if he does not perform well next season, the franchise might not offer him the contract extension that he seeks.

As a result, he must perform at his best in crucial games for his team, which has been rare. To call the Cowboys' season a success, they must reach the NFC Championship Game at least next season; else, many people may lose their jobs.

As of now, the Cowboys are +1400 to win the Super Bowl and +600 to win the NFC.

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