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Smith says a President shouldn't be too old

Stephen A. Smith takes a shot at 'too old' President Joe Biden - “This will make people mad”

A controversial take from Stephen A. Smith has the internet and the sports world debating politics after his Friday show.

The ESPN analyst, host of First Take and the Stephen A. Smith show on YouTube, stated that he doesn't believe that U.S. President Joe Biden should be the country's leader due to his age.

“Ladies and gentlemen, without trying to engage in any kind of ageism at all, because I don’t believe in it. There does come a point in time where there are certain jobs you don’t need. It’s not that you don’t need to be working, it’s not that you don’t need to be living your life, it’s not that you don’t need to be living a very vibrant lifestyle.
"But there are responsibilities that are far, far, far more extensive than a typical 9 to 5 that somebody in their eighties may not need to be doing. I think the presidency is one of em.”
I’ll say it…and I know this will make some people mad…but I just think someone 80+ years old is too old to be President.

There has to be better options

Smith, who has long been a sports personality on TV with some controversial views on sports - especially as it relates to his relationship with the Dallas Cowboys -, gave the view on his own YouTube show. He did expand to his Twitter to garner more attention.


What are Stephen A. Smith's political views?

Stephen has noted in the past that he has some conservative views, but he also has been critical of some Republicans, such as Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson.

He did have a relationship with the former president but noted that it was only related to sports, as Trump "used to throw a lot of events at his casinos" and stated that they were good times. As he started to mount a presidential candidacy, however, it all changed.

While Smith has said that he doesn't like the idea of Biden being the president due to his age, he has also said in the past that he wouldn't vote for Trump. The ESPN host says that he's not voting for a divisive figure at a time when the country needs to be together.

Biden, who's 80 years old, looks set to run for president again in 2024. Trump, who's 76, is set to face him again as the Republican candidate.


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