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NFL demands a minimum capital of $2.5 billion in cash before moving forward to the purchase of the Broncos

The NFL has made one thing clear about the sale of the Denver Broncos: whoever buys the team will have to have the cash upfront.

The NFL has said they don't want the Denver Broncos sale to go down the same path as the Carolina Panthers' acquisition did. The Panthers were sold at the last minute for less than their market value.


The new owners of the Broncos will have to have $2.5 billion upfront if they want a shot at the team. When Pat Bowlen, the longtime owner of the Broncos, died, the team was turned over to his family, who now wants to sell it.

Whoever decides to get involved in this sale will have to have their ducks in a row. There are already two prospective, very well-known potential buyers involved: Peyton Manning and John Elway.

Although both are very wealthy, in all likelihood, they are going to have to buy the team with an investment group. According to reports, the team is expected to sell for around $3.5 to $4 billion.


The NFL is also attempting to get a minority owner for this team either as a full-time owner or part of an investment group.

The NFL is encouraging the Broncos to get minority ownership

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is facing pressure to have more minority ownership within the league, especially African-American ownership. So he may be pushing the new owners of the Broncos to bring in an African-American investor to the team.

During Super Bowl week, Goodell said:

“We would love to see a diverse owner of the team,” he said. “Whether that’s a person of color, or a female or a Black man, we think that would be a really positive step for us. And something we’ve encouraged. And one of the reasons we’ve reached out to find candidates who can do that."

Goodell added:

“The Broncos are selling the team, not the NFL. We would have approval rights. But I think we’ll be very clear, and we have already been clear with the Broncos, that (diversity) is something we would seek to have in the ownership.”

The two names that have popped up to maybe fill the void are former comedian/talk show host Bryan Allen, a substantial big wig in the entertainment industry, and venture capitalist Robert Smith.

Kanye West and Byron Allen both want to buy the Denver Broncos.

They should team up. Start an ownership group. Let's get some Black owners in the NFL.
7:03 AM · Feb 11, 2022

Rapper Kanye West is also apparently interested in buying the Broncos, which has former Denver Broncos tight end Shannon Sharpe excited.

Shannon Sharpe Speaks on Kanye West's Alleged Denver Broncos Bid vladtv.com/article/280643…
11:25 AM · Feb 22, 2022

The NFL has made it very clear that whoever is the next owner of the Broncos will have to have a minority figure involved.


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