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Tom Brady highlighted where modern QBs are having a tough time

Tom Brady uses Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers to highlight exactly where modern-day QBs are going wrong

Tom Brady knows what good quarterback play looks like, and he's not sure there's a whole lot of it today. Today's NFL is very different than when he first came into the league, and the quarterback play across the league has changed. He doesn't think that's necessarily good, as the play is not up to his standard.


Brady said on his podcast that there's no margin of error in football if teams want to win. That starts and ends with the quarterback most often:

“When you get to the playoffs. In the Super Bowl that we beat Atlanta, could I afford one more bad play in the second half? When we beat Seattle in the SB in Arizona in the fourth quarter, could I afford one bad play?"

He referenced the Super Bowl against the Los Angeles Rams in 2018, where they couldn't afford one more bad play. He referenced the New York Giants ending his unbeaten season in 2007, and how they certainly couldn't afford another bad play to win.


He says that good quarterbacks elevate bad plays and they're eventually able to remove them from the game:

"You want to see good quarterbacks fix plays so you don’t run 10-20% of them bad. Because you have no chance with the play you’ve called. You have a deep shot to Moss called then I go up then I run the play and I get sacked. Well, no one’s gonna be open I just read the coverage."

He referred back to Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Philip Rivers, saying that that's what he and those QBs did:

"That’s where you take the game to the next level. When quarterbacks are put in those positions to do that, and you gotta educate and develop them."

He admitted it was difficult to do so with coaches and coordinators being fired so often. The former QB believes people are, in an attempt to get it right, "actually making it more wrong.”


Tom Brady calls out current NFL

This is not the first time Tom Brady has had issues with the way the current game is played. He recently opened up about how much the game has changed and how some of the players he played with couldn't play in the modern game.

Tom Brady spoke on the modern NFL

Now, he's mentioning the fact that QB play has drastically changed, and not for the better. Even though he's only just retired, the game has changed over the years.

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