Buffalo Bills star Von Miller

Von Miller injury: Bills star reveals how long he will be out

Buffalo Bills pass rusher Von Miller's Thanksgiving Day outing against the Detroit Lions ended prematurely. He suffered a knee injury during the game that ruled him out of the contest. The immediate concern was that Miller had suffered a torn ACL.

You can see the tibia of Von Miller's right knee shift forward then back as the knee moves in. That mechanism would suggest ACL injury

An injury of that magnitude would have ended Miller's debut campaign with the Bills, who are among the favorites to win the Super Bowl in February. The former Super Bowl MVP had scans to determine the extent of his injury and revealed the results on the latest episode of his podcast, The VonCast.

What happened to Von Miller?

Miller revealed that he had sustained a right meniscus injury. Explaining the extent of his injury, he said:

“You know, the news is not the best of news. But it’s definitely not the worst of news. It’s kind of like in the middle. I didn’t tear my ACL. That was the huge part of it. But I do have some lateral meniscus damaged, and it’s going to have to be addressed. But I do feel like I can play through that."

How long will Von Miller be out for?


Miller would undoubtedly have been relieved to learn that he did not suffer a torn ACL and could return at some point during the regular season. The pass rusher has even circled the game on his calendar in which he would like to mark his return to the field:

"So I’m going to wait a little, let the swelling go down for about 7-10 days and hopefully right before the Jets game, I will be back.”

Watch Miller's entire explanation below:

“I didn’t tear my ACL…I do have some lateral meniscus damage.. I do feel like I can play through that. I’m going to let the swelling go down for 7-10 days and hopefully right before the Jets game I will be back.”

-@VonMiller on knee injury.


The Bills will take on the New York Jets on December 11th in Week 14 of the 2022 regular season. While Miller has suggested that he could return for the Bills' game against the Jets. However, the team could decide to bench the veteran pass rusher to ensure he's available during the playoffs.


ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio suggested that Miller will likely have to go under the knife to fix his injury, but as of today, the veteran superstar is pushing it until the offseason.

The only thing certain is that Von Miller will miss the Bills' Thursday Night Football game against the New England Patriots.

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