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  • Watch: Massive fight breaks out between Giants and Seahawks during MNF showdown
Massive fight breaks out between Giants and Seahawks during MNF showdown

Watch: Massive fight breaks out between Giants and Seahawks during MNF showdown

The New York Giants took on the Seattle Seahawks for the last game of Week 4 on Monday Night Football. It was supposed to be a primetime game between two teams that made the NFC playoffs last season. Seattle was in command after the first half ended, leading New York 14-3.

But it was a scrappy game and drove people to distraction. There were niggles and words exchanged. Penalties flew on offense, defense and special teams. At one point, the commentators said that the players wished to get on with the game instead of exchanging views on the field.


One particularly egregious fight took place after the Seattle Seahawks scored their second touchdown of the second half. Drew Lock was in for the injured Geno Smith, who later returned in the second half. The backup quarterback threw a pass to Noah Fant and he made Giants defenders miss as he ran all the way for 51 yards to the one-yard line.

That ought to have been extremely frustrating for New York and their miseries were compounded when the Seahawks scored through a run by Kenneth Walker. It was time for players on both sides of the scrimmage to lose their heads and get into a massive brawl.

Have a look at the video below:

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Seahawks and Giants keep at it even after half-time break


One would have assumed that cooler heads would have prevailed and the teams would have come out refocused after halftime. But that did not materialize as Geno Smith was still smarting from the tackle that injured him for a while in the first half.

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The Seahawks quarterback was in the mood to brawl again, if need be. After making a good throw to pick up a first down, he negated his accomplishments by losing 15 yards due to unsportsmanlike conduct. When the supposed leader of the team is pining for a fight, it is hard to blame anyone else.

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Commentator Troy Aikman spoke for every frustrated fan watching the game when he said:

"This is ridiculous, just play football."

One possible reason for the passion could have been the extensive injury list for both teams prior to this game. Backups were trying to make the point to the coaches that they deserve more playing time and things can become scrappy in such situations.

Both Pete Carroll and Brian Daboll, though, will hope that their starters come back soon because this game was not pretty. Except for Drew Lock, who did well when he came on in the first half for Geno Smith.

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