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  • Watch: Patrick Mahomes hilariously stops Travis Kelce from giving speech during Chiefs’ White House visit
Mahomes stopped Kelce from speaking at the White House.

Watch: Patrick Mahomes hilariously stops Travis Kelce from giving speech during Chiefs’ White House visit

Reigning Super Bowl champions the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes have visited the White House. The visit celebrates their victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, 38-35, in the NFL penulatimate game last season.

With President Joe Biden in attendance, the Chiefs took center stage. The team posed for a picture with the President.


After the photo, however, Kelce, who loves to get behind a microphone, went up to the podium and was about to speak. That was until Mahomes stopped his tight end before he could say a word. Watch below:

Travis Kelce wanted to get on the mic at the White House....

Patrick Mahomes got him outta there

Kelce has a reputation for getting on a microphone and getting the crowd amped up with his words and demeanour. We can imagine that doing it at the White House isn't exactly the perfect spot to unleash that side of him.


Luckily, Mahomes, who knows his tight end very well, was on hand to pull him away before anything funny happened.


Can Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs win back-to-back Super Bowls?

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles

Not since the New England Patriots of 2004 and 2005 has a team won Super Bowls in back-to-back seasons. This makes the Chiefs' chances of doing it rather slim.


It could be tough, since they're in the same division as the Denver Broncos, who added Sean Payton as their head coach. Other factors include the Las Vegas Raiders adding Jimmy Garoppolo and the Los Angeles Chargers having a stacked roster.

The AFC West has been Patrick Mahomes' playground since entering the league. On paper, however, next season might be his toughest test yet.


While the division is tough, keep in mind that other teams are in the Super Bowl bubble. The New York Jets recently acquired Aaron Rodgers. The Miami Dolphins currently have a healthy Tua Tagovailoa. Lastly, Joe Burrown and the Bengals and finally Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills are both additional condenders .

It is not unfeasible to think that Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs can win the Super Bowl next season. There is no doubt that their road to the NFL's penultimate game is tougher than last season.

If there is one player and coach to not bet against, it's Mahomes and Andy Reid. No one would be suprised to see the Chiefs at the White House in a year's time celebrating another Super Bowl triumph.

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