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  • WATCH: Raiders and Chargers fans throw punches in fight during Week 4 clash at SoFi Stadium
A fight broke out between Chargers and Raiders fans

WATCH: Raiders and Chargers fans throw punches in fight during Week 4 clash at SoFi Stadium

Fans of the Los Angeles Chargers and the Las Vegas Raiders were involved in a huge fight during the Week 4 contest that ended with the Chargers winning 24-17, which left the home team with a 2-2 record while the Raiders are now 1-3.

The video does not show why the fight started, but a Chargers fan sitting above an opponent fan throws a violent punch at him after a brief exchange, before throwing a second jab and pushing him off the stairs. He was stopped by other Raiders fans thereafter.


While incidents between fans in the league are rare, they tend to become violent once it occurs. On this occasion, the Raiders fan could've gotten hurt due to the nature of the punches and the fall down the stairs, but it looks like he was okay after the hits.

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Chargers dominate Raiders with excellent Khalil Mack performance


Six sacks in one game. It was personal for Khalil Mack, who dominated the Las Vegas Raiders offensive line and terrorized Aidan O'Connell for the entire contest, finishing the game with one of the highest sack totals in a single game ever.

Justin Herbert also played a great game, leading his team to an early lead and not turning the ball over when it mattered the most. He also had a fantastic deep throw to Joshua Palmer late in the game that ended any hopes for the Raiders, in the first game without Mike Williams following his knee injury.


The 2-2 record puts the Chargers in position to join the wild card fight in the AFC. The team is good enough to take a playoff spot, but two straight losses to start the season almost killed any hopes before September even finished. Now, they can build upon this small sequence and go after one of the three wild card spots.

In a small note to the game, Justin Herbert broke one of his fingers during the contest, but he would suit up if the team had a game on Sunday. Los Angeles is now on a bye week and will play the Dallas Cowboys in Week 6.

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