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  • What did the Ravens offer Lamar Jackson? Analyzing Baltimore’s last reported offer vs Deshaun Watson’s contract
Lamar Jackson has now requested a trade from the Baltimore Ravens after no contract was forthcoming.

What did the Ravens offer Lamar Jackson? Analyzing Baltimore’s last reported offer vs Deshaun Watson’s contract

The Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson are now heading in two opposite directions...and fast. After over two years of contract negotiations, Jackson still hasn't gotten the type of contract that he was after.

The main sticking point in the negotiations was Jackson's desire for a fully guaranteed contract, similar to Deshaun Watson's in Cleveland.


The Browns gave Watson, who hadn't played a down for the team in a year, a fully guaranteed five-year, $230 million deal, effectively destroying the quarterback market.

Since the market was blown up by the Cleveland Browns, Jackson's contract should have been the starting point. The Ravens, however, were reportedly unwilling to offer Jackson that type of contract. So, what did they offer?

What did Ravens offer Lamar Jackson?

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Ravens offered Jackson a contract last season that would have seen the quarterback make at least $133 million in guarantees, plus other clauses that would have seen that rise to $200 million by 2026.

Adam Schefter on a September report about guarantees in Ravens contract that Lamar Jackson reportedly turned down

- $133 million due at signing
- $175 million with injuries
- $200 million springing guarantee if on roster on 5th day of 2026 league year

But that wasn't enough for Lamar Jackson, and we can see why. Watson hasn't played a meaningful down in over a year, whereas Jackson has won a playoff game and has an NFL MVP award in his back pocket.

What happens now with Lamar Jackson's contract?

Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With the quarterback market constantly evolving, there are thoughts that the average salary could balloon to $50 million a year. We know that this is what Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is currently earning, and with a host of quarterbacks due to new contracts like Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert and Lamar Jackson, they all could reasonably fetch that sort of money.

But had the Browns not completely blown up the quarterback market, then this likely wouldn't even be an issue now. There are thoughts that owners are trying to make sure that another "Watson-type contract" isn't put on the table again, but seeing as it already has, players want it.

Lamar Jackson is entitled to get whatever he can money-wise and it has been reported that he wants a fully guaranteed contract like Watson's.

Whether that will be forthcoming or not remains to be seen, the current contract situation around the NFL and its quarterbacks is a fascinating watch, with Jackson taking center stage.

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