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  • Who is Cam Newton's brother Caylin? All you need to know about NFL star's throwing partner at Auburn Pro Day
Who is Cam Newton's brother Caylin?

Who is Cam Newton's brother Caylin? All you need to know about NFL star's throwing partner at Auburn Pro Day

Cam Newton resurfaced at Auburn's Pro Day and threw for NFL scouts. The former MVP wants to make an NFL return after missing the entire 2022 season and turned up to try and make that happen. Among the other hopefuls at the event was his brother, Caylin.

Caylin Newton caught passes from his brother at the Pro Day, but he's also an NFL hopeful, too. He started his college career at Howard University before transferring to his brother's alma mater Auburn. He then finished his college at William and Mary and is now looking to the next stage.


While he's not touted as a big NFL prospect, the younger Newton has the athletic ability to find a spot in football somewhere, even if it's not as an NFL quarterback like his brother.

Caylin Newton says Cam Newton still has it

Cam Newton threw to his brother Caylin and other players during Auburn's Pro Day. After injuries and a year off from football, questions over whether he could still do it plagued him.


His brother believes he answered those questions via NFL.com:

"This was him showing love to me. He doesn't owe anybody anything. He has had an amazing journey, an amazing career in the NFL. He has nothing to prove to anybody. ... He came to show his ability, show he still has it."
Cam Newton's brother Caylin knows QB "still has it" after catching his pro day passes: "Anywhere he’s been, they know who he is"

"I think, for him, this was a selfless act. But it was also to show and prove to everybody he's not sitting around. He's still got it. Whatever organization wants to get a winning quarterback, his number's still open and available."

An NFL comeback would be hard at this stage of his career. He's going to be 34 and has an injury history. Still, his performance at the Pro Day, albeit with no wind or defense, was encouraging.


At the very least, he can be a very solid backup and everyone knows he could come in on a goal-line play and score from almost anywhere.

Whether or not the uber-confident Cam Newton wants to be a backup somewhere remains to be seen. He has the talent to be in the league and he is probably willing to accept a backup role just to get back into the NFL, but will a team take that chance?

Is Cam Newton coming back to the NFL?

Several teams could use him. Will the two parties be able to find common ground to bring the exciting former MVP back onto the field?

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