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Rob Gronkowski thinks he knows how Succession will end - images via Getty

Who wins Succession? Rob Gronkowski has shot in the dark prediction for season finale

Succession, the HBO series about a family of media businessmen who fight over control of their company, is finally concluding this Sunday, and Rob Gronkowski has an idea how it will end.

Here is how HBO is advertising the series finale, titled "With Open Eyes":

Ahead of the final board vote on the Waystar-GoJo deal, Kendall and Shiv try to shore up their opposing interests...and get a fix on the whereabouts of a physically and emotionally bruised Roman.

Speaking on Up & Adams this week, Gronkowski, while admitting to not watching Succession, gave his prediction on how it would end based on a random person he picked from a poster:

I like the guy in the front. He looks like a boss.

When he was told that it was Logan Roy, who had been dead before the finale, he pivoted:

The guy to the right of him, if you're looking at him, to the right.

That guy is Kendall Roy, the second-eldest son who will be at the board meeting to discuss the merger been his family's Waystar and GoJo, a Scandinavian tech company. So Gronkowski thinks Kendall will be the one with the best ending.

What else did Rob Gronkowski say on Up & Adams this week?

In the same interview, Gronkowski was asked, among other things, about the NFL's new kickoff rule, which now puts fair catches at the 25-yard line. Fans, players, and coaches alike have not taken to it very well, and Gronkowski was one of them:

It’s getting a little bit ridiculous on that rule change because there’s already that rule that if it goes in the endzone, you could just take the knee in the endzone and it gets placed on the 25-yard line. You gotta be able to play football at some point, that’s why you have the kickoff. You might as well just take the kickoff totally out of the game and have the other team start in their own 25-yard line. That’s pretty ridiculous. That’s going a little bit too far.

Sticking to football-related matters, he also gave advice on how current Patriots quarterback Mac Jones could improve ahead of his very crucial third season:

“I think he needs to put a little weight on. I mean, he's looking a little skinny right now. I'll put about 510 pounds back on so that he can lift, you know, run the ball a little bit, knock out some linebackers while he's running to get a first down, you know.”

He was also asked about whether NBA legend LeBron James would join old teammate Tom Brady in retirement, and he disagreed:

"No, no, I don't think so. I think it's just kind of a rumor going around right now. Or he started a rumor, or whatever happened, why the rumor started. But I think he's going to play until he can at least one year with his son.
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