Former Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler

NFL quarterbacks who wore number 6

There have been a few NFL quarterbacks that have worn the number 6 on their NFL jersey. Although the number 6 may not be the most popular number for the position, there have been some good quarterbacks that have chosen it. Let's take a look at the NFL quarterbacks that have worn the number 6 throughout their NFL careers.


1) NFL Quarterback: Baker Mayfield (Cleveland Browns)

Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield

The Cleveland Browns selected Baker Mayfield with the number one overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft. Mayfield has worn the number six throughout his college career at Oklahoma, where he brought home the Heisman Trophy in 2017. He is the first quarterback to lead the Cleveland Browns to the playoffs since Tim Couch.

Baker Mayfield's Career Stats


-- Completions: 932

-- Attempts: 1,506

-- Completion percentage: 61.9%

-- Passing yards: 11,115 yards

-- Touchdowns: 75


-- Interceptions: 43

2) NFL Quarterback: Jake Luton (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Jacksonville Jaguars QB Jake Luton

The Jacksonville Jaguars selected Jake Luton with their 189th overall pick in the sixth-round of the 2020 NFL draft. Luton played his college football career at the University of Idaho and Oregon State University. During the 2020-2021 NFL season, Jake Luton wore the number six for the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Jake Luton's Career Stats

-- Completions: 60

-- Attempts: 110

-- Completion percentage: 54.5%

-- Passing yards: 624 yards

-- Touchdowns: 2

-- Interceptions: 6

3) NFL Quarterback: Mark Sanchez (New York Jets)

Former New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez

The New York Jets selected Mark Sanchez with their fifth overall pick in the first-round of the 2009 NFL draft. This came after Mark Sanchez put together a standout junior year at the University of Southern California. During his junior season, Mark Sanchez passed for over 3,200 yards, 34 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Sanchez was selected to the 2009 NFL All-Rookie Team in his rookie season with the New York Jets and played eight seasons in the NFL.

Mark Sanchez's Career Stats

-- Completions: 1,314

-- Attempts: 2,320

-- Completion percentage: 56.6%

-- Passing yards: 15,357 yards

-- Touchdowns: 86

-- Interceptions: 89

4) NFL Quarterback: Jay Cutler (Chicago Bears)

Former Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler

The Denver Broncos selected Jay Cutler with their 11th overall pick in the first-round of the 2006 NFL draft. Cutler played his college football career at Vanderbilt University. He spent the beginning of his career with the Denver Broncos before heading to the Chicago Bears, where had the majority of his success.

Jay Cutler's Career Stats

-- Completions: 3,048

-- Attempts: 4,920

-- Completion percentage: 62%

-- Passing yards: 35,133 yards

-- Touchdowns: 227

-- Interceptions: 160

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