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  • NFL YouTuber questions Josh McDaniels’ decision to bring in Jimmy Garoppolo for Raiders - “Essentially going from Derek Carr to Derek Carr”
Is Jimmy Garoppolo a real update over Derek Carr?

NFL YouTuber questions Josh McDaniels’ decision to bring in Jimmy Garoppolo for Raiders - “Essentially going from Derek Carr to Derek Carr”

The signing of Jimmy Garoppolo continues to bring uncomfortable times to the Las Vegas Raiders. The fact that Garoppolo and Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels worked together at New England Patriots over the last decade provided a context for the move. However, there wasn't much confidence about Garoppolo being an upgrade over starting quarterback Derek Carr.

With news emerging that Garoppolo's contract with the franchise could be voided with no costs if he fails a physical before the start of the season, opinions about the controversial signing returned. This time, it was famous NFL YouTuber Mikerophone voicing why he doesn't like the Raiders' move:

"I had my reservations about this because you're essentially going from Derek Carr to Derek Carr," Mikerophone said.
"You could say Jimmy Garoppolo is a marginal improvement over Derek Carr and he understands Josh McDaniel's scheme a little bit more," he continued.
"I thought Jimmy Garoppolo was going to be a bridge quarterback to whoever they decided to draft in the NFL draft I guess I'm wrong about that but to go through everything that you went through, to the cap hit that you took in order to bring in Jimmy Garoppolo as opposed to Derek Carr I just don't think it's worth it," the YouTuber added.

Why are the Raiders in trouble over the signing of Jimmy Garoppolo?


It was revealed in late May that the quarterback had failed his physical with the franchise. It was reported that if Garoppolo was not approved before the start of the season, the Raiders could make his contract void.

Furthermore, if Garoppolo fails the next physical, the Raiders will have to scramble for a new quarterback. It seems that they're not going to find any good ones on the market in June or July.

Where is Derek Carr playing in 2023?


The former Raiders quarterback signed a three-year, $121.5 million contract with the New Orleans Saints. Carr played for the Raiders from 2014 to 2022. He never won a playoff game with the franchise.

What are the possible options for the Raiders if Garoppolo fails another physical?

Teddy Bridgewater is the number one option for the Raiders if Garoppolo's contract is made void. It's clear that Bridgewater's best days are far behind him, and he's not a trustworthy option to start them. However, the Raiders will have to go for him if they have no other options in the summer.

If they want to bank on potential instead of just trying to go through the season, then Carson Wentz is a better option. Even though he has declined from his MVP-level season in 2017, he was released from the Commanders in February and is available for a pick.

An interesting option would be a trade for a veteran quarterback that might become available, and Gardner Minshew fits the bill. He was signed to the Indianapolis Colts to ease the transition from Frank Reich to Shane Steichen. Perhaps Minshew would be available with Richardson being the starter in Week 1.

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