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  • "Rodgers wishlist getting out of hand" - Jets fans believe MetLife Stadium's new turf is ploy to hasten Aaron Rodgers trade
Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

"Rodgers wishlist getting out of hand" - Jets fans believe MetLife Stadium's new turf is ploy to hasten Aaron Rodgers trade

Aaron Rodgers has still not been traded to the New York Jets, but it feels like a matter of time anyway. As both teams decide on compensation for a trade, the fact that the Jets were interested in many of the quarterback's former teammates in Green Bay only adds fuel to the fire.

New York signed Allen Lazard to a four-year contract after hiring Nathaniel Hackett to be its new offensive coordinator in 2023. Both have huge connections to Aaron Rodgers from their time in Green Bay. The jokes grew higher when there was reported interest from the franchise in signing Randall Cobb and Marcedes Lewis.


While the situation with the franchise's next quarterback remains unresolved, one of the long-standing problems involving the Jets is close to being fixed. MetLife Stadium, the home of both New York teams, is installing a new playing surface. But fans would not let it go without a joke

A new playing surface has been installed at MetLife Stadium, where the previous turf had become an object of widespread criticism in recent years, via @JordanRaanan:

@AdamSchefter @JordanRaanan rodgers wishlist is getting out of hand
@AdamSchefter @JordanRaanan Wonder if this was on ARods wishlist
@AdamSchefter @JordanRaanan Jets organization crossing off another one of Aaron Rodgers demands
@AdamSchefter @JordanRaanan They can’t let this man play on that awful MetLife turf so excellent move. Finally.
@AdamSchefter @JordanRaanan Assuming that was also on Aaron Rodgers’ list of demands 🤔
@AdamSchefter @JordanRaanan I heard a rumor that this was on the list of @AaronRodgers12 demands
@AdamSchefter @JordanRaanan Aaron Rodgers wants grass

Obviously, this would not be part of the quarterback's supposed wishlist to join the team, but changing the playing surface would be at the top of anyone who has ever played at MetLife Stadium. The playing surface was awful and led to many ACL injuries over the years.

What's the current situation between Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets?

There's nothing new to report after the quarterback made his wish to play in New York public. Both teams are still discussing compensation details, but there's no rush to get a deal done before the offseason training program starts since his wish is clear and the Packers have already turned to Jordan Love.

Jordan Love will be the starter for the Packers in 2023.

In a division where the Buffalo Bills have Josh Allen, the Miami Dolphins have Tua Tagovailoa and the New England Patriots were still competing for playoffs in 2022, it will be impossible for the Jets to do anything useful without a proven quarterback.

On the other side, with the Packers having already turned to a younger option, they are not interested in keeping Rodgers' huge contract on the books. A trade will come. It's just not clear the exact date, but it will come.

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