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NFL Rumors: Analyst suggests blockbuster 49ers trade for Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance for Aaron Rodgers 

Despite the fact that the San Francisco 49ers may be on the verge of making the NFC playoffs, rumors persist that they may be making a trade soon.

Earlier this year, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers made it perfectly clear that he wanted out of the Packers organization. One of the places Rodgers was rumored to be interested in was the 49ers. Before they drafted rookie quarterback Trey Lance, the 49ers were very much interested in a trade.


The Packers killed the idea, at least for the time being. But if the rumors are true, the 49ers and the Packers may be back at the negotiating table.

ESPN NFL analyst Domonique Foxworth believes the franchise could get Rodgers if they are willing to trade both of their young quarterbacks for the future Hall of Famer.

"I think that San Francisco would be the best place because that office in LA... there's plenty of weapons," Foxworth said. "And I also think that they have some reasonable trade options like they can send Jimmy G and Trey Lance, the quarterback of the present and a quarterback of the future, out to Green Bay."

Rodgers is from the Bay area and went to Cal. Coming out of college, he wanted to be a 49er. He would love to end his career in San Francisco, but how much are the 49ers willing to give up to get him?


Should the San Fransisco 49ers take a gamble for Aaron Rodgers?

Trey Lance was supposed to be the future and face of the franchise. But at this point, he can't even apparently beat out current starter Jimmy Garoppolo.

However, Lance's upside outweighs his inexperience, and if the Packers were to trade for him and Garoppolo, they would be in excellent shape for the future.

The 49ers, even with Rodgers, would be back to square one, looking for a player to replace Rodgers, who isn't healthy right now. Rodgers has a broken toe, and even though he is still playing, in their recent victory against the Cleveland Browns, he seemed to struggle at times moving around in the pocket.


The 49ers may desperently want to win a Super Bowl, but at what cost? Last year, they might have been willing to sacrifice Garoppolo and maybe a first-round draft choice for a healthy Aaron Rodgers.

If the 49ers make the playoffs with either of their two quarterbacks at the helm, don't look for them to make a blockbuster trade.

They may be closer to a Super Bowl in the near future than the Packers are, and it wouldn't be the wisest choice for them to make a blockbuster trade at this point, knowing how close they are.

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