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Ohio State QB Justin Fields

NFL Draft Rumors: Justin Fields could be in trouble if this trade happens

Justin Fields may be in big trouble come draft night. With rumors swarming about Deshaun Watson being dealt to the Carolina Panthers for the eighth overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft, this could be bad news for the former Ohio State quarterback.

Most of the mock drafts so far have Fields falling to the Panthers at number eight. If the Panthers trade that #8 pick, Justin Fields could be heading to the Houston Texans which, as of right now, isn't exactly the right spot for any NFL player, especially a rookie.


Fields has a ton of heart and if the trade happens, and the Texans draft Fields, he will give them everything he has in his tank. At the end of the day, Justin Fields does not get to pick and choose where he falls in the 2021 NFL draft. He can only make the best out of the opportunity he is given.

With that being said, could Justin Fields help lead the rebuild for the Houston Texans franchise? Let's take a look at what will need to happen for Justin Fields to help him succeed in Houston.

What needs to happen for Justin Fields to succeed in Houston

Ohio State QB Justin Fields will need a lot of help if he ends up in Houston

If everything falls into place and Deshaun Watson does head to the Carolina Panthers, Justin Fields will need a lot of help to have a successful career with the Houston Texans. If the Texans cannot get him the help he needs, Fields will be Deshaun Watson 2.0.

Where do the Houston Texans start when it comes to a rebuild?

Offensive Line:


The first order of business for the Houston Texans is to improve their offensive line to keep Fields safe. If the Texans want this to work then they need to surround Justin Fields with a massive offensive line. At times last season, Deshaun Watson was seen running for his life right after the ball was snapped.

Running Back:

Justin Fields showed, at Ohio State, that if he has a strong running game he can be more effective. The ability to run the football will give the rookie quarterback a play action passing game. Justin Fields made a major impact at Ohio State in the play-action passing game and always kept the defense guessing.

Wide Receiver:

The 2021 free agency group of wide receivers is loaded. If the Texans can grab at least one free agent wide receiver and re-sign Will Fuller V, it will give the Texans a decent shot. By bringing back Fuller and bringing in one top wide receiver, it gives Justin Fields a fighting chance in his rookie season.


This is why Justin Fields is in trouble if the Carolina Panthers can land Deshaun Watson. If the trade does go through, the Houston Texans will have to work a miracle. Houston will need to rebuild their entire offense and that is not likely to happen during the offseason. Justin Fields' NFL career could be over before it even starts if the Texans send Watson to the Panthers.

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