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Urban Meyer is heading into his first NFL off-season as a Head Coach

NFL Free Agency: 3 potential free agents to fill the Jaguars need at cornerback

The Jacksonville Jaguars have made some changes during their 2021 NFL offseason. Their first change was at the head coaching position as Jacksonville hired Urban Meyer, who has been a successful head coach at the college level.

Meyer will be entering his first NFL offseason and has a ton of cap space to spend on NFL free agents. He also has the number one overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Urban Meyer fell into a promising position and has a great opportunity to rebuild the Jacksonville Jaguars through free agency and the NFL draft.


If the Jacksonville Jaguars play their cards right, they could potentially fill a lot of their offseason team needs through free agency. One of the primary positional needs for the team is the cornerback position.

Fortunately, three cornerbacks that could potentially hit the 2021 free agency market are a great fit for the Jacksonville Jaguars.


NFL Free Agency Option 1: Brian Poole (New York Jets)

New York Jets CB Brian Poole

New York Jets cornerback Brian Poole is set to become an unrestricted free agent in the 2021 NFL offseason. Outside of the Jets' rough 2020-2021 NFL season, Brian Poole recorded good numbers for the Jets defense and started seven games for New York last season.

In those seven games, he recorded 44 combined tackles, two interceptions and one sack. Brian had his best season during the 2018 NFL season with the Atlanta Falcons, when he put up three interceptions, three sacks and 74 combined tackles.

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If Brian Poole does enter free agency and signs with the Jaguars, he will be entering his sixth year in the NFL. Poole is 28-years-old and has not slowed down in five seasons. Jacksonville is looking for a replacement for Jalen Ramsey and could have one with Brian Poole.


NFL Free Agency Option 2: Mike Hilton (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Pittsburgh Steelers CB Mike Hilton

The Pittsburgh Steelers are having a few cap issues going into the 2021 NFL off-season. Ben Roethlisberger is willing to cut down on his salary to help the team free up some space but there are just too many mouths to feed at the dinner table for the Steelers.

This could put the Steelers in jeopardy of losing their young, talented cornerback Mike Hilton, who is coming off a career-high season of interceptions for the Steelers defense. Hilton recorded three interceptions, three sacks, two fumble recoveries and 51 combines tackles.

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If Mike Hilton hits free agency, he should be the number one target for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He is young and full of talent, not to mention that he has a really high ceiling that has not even been scratched yet.

Mike Hilton is not going to be a cheap signing for the Jaguars, but he will be worth every penny.

NFL Free Agency Option 3: Jason McCourty (New England Patriots)

Jason McCourty vs the Cleveland Browns

The Jacksonville Jaguars could benefit from signing a veteran corner as well. The team would be helped by acquiring someone who has dealt with adversity and has been through every situation that the game can throw at a player. Jason McCourty could be that player for the Jaguars.

McCourty is coming from a winning organization with the New England Patriots, with whom he won a Super Bowl. He has a lot of playoff experience, which is something that cannot be taught but can definitely be bought in the NFL.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have an opportunity to add some experience this offseason by signing Jason McCourty. Urban Meyer will get a veteran that can not only play the cornerback position at an elite level but can also teach the young corners how to play at an elite level.

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