Will T Jason Peters end his career with the Miami Dolphins?

NFL: Three Players The Miami Dolphins Can Target At Offensive Tackle

In two short years, the Miami Dolphins have come a long way with regards to their offensive line. In the 2019 season, where they finished with a 5-11 record, the Dolphins were tied for the most sacks allowed in the NFL, with 58.

The team made it a priority to bolster their protective unit in 2020, and dramatically improved up front with regards to their production. Last season, they allowed 34 total sacks, which put them in the top half of the league in that department.


Who can the Miami Dolphins target at Offensive Tackle?

It’s hard to get any momentum in the NFL if your quarterback is running for his life on each play (see Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl LV against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers), and the Miami Dolph will not want that to be the case for Tua Tagovailoa.

While the team did most of their heavy lifting up front last offseason, they may still make some cosmetic changes this offseason to prevent taking steps backwards. Here are three free agents they might target at the tackle position:

#1 Cameron Fleming


We know that Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has had a way of bringing in former New England Patriots to help establish a culture in South Florida. It would not be surprising at all if the team took a look at Cameron Fleming in free agency. Fleming spent four seasons with the Patriots before stopping in Dallas for two years, and playing for the Giants last season.

The Miami Dolphins are probably hoping that incumbent tackles Austin Jackson and Robert Hunt continue to improve and grab the starting jobs. However, having reliable and familiar veteran insurance at a reasonable rate is never a bad thing.

#2 Matt Feiler


He’s been a little bit of a late bloomer, but Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Matt Feiler has steadily improved in his last three seasons in the NFL. His best season came in 2019, where he didn’t miss an offensive snap, and recorded only 3 penalties in 16 games.

His 2020 season fell a little bit short of his career campaign the year before, but still posted very respectably numbers. Feiler’s value is also helped by the fact that he can play guard. It might take a little bit more of a financially sweetened deal for Feiler to play in Miami, seeing as though he’s a Pennsylvania native.

#3 Jason Peters

Wild Card Round - Jason Peters after a hard loss

A 39-year-old tackle who only played 8 games in the prior season isn’t usually the apple of everyone’s free agent eyes. But Jason Peters could be an interesting fit if he believes the Miami Dolphins can contend next season. He recently announced that he would play one more year in the league, but wants to try and win another ring.

Peters’ skills and health are significant question marks at this stage of his career, but has a wealth of knowledge that could benefit all of the young Miami Dolphins offensive linemen. If he would accept being a rotational player and a mentor, it could be a mutually beneficial arrangement for both player and team.

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