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  • NFL Trade Rumors: Colts reveal asking price for Jonathan Taylor ahead of RB’s return from injury
Colts reveal asking price for Jonathan Taylor ahead of RB’s return from injury

NFL Trade Rumors: Colts reveal asking price for Jonathan Taylor ahead of RB’s return from injury

Jonathan Taylor was supposed to be the offensive lynchpin for the Indianapolis Colts for years to come. With rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson needing all the support he can get, the running back was supposed to be the veteran leader on offense.

Instead, the relationship seems to have completely broken down between the team and the player. He clearly wants out after comments by owner Jim Irsay made him feel unwanted.


The Indianapolis Colts were looking to trade him before the season started but could not find any suitors. They then placed him on the injured reserve so he was listed out for the first four weeks, ensuring that he was not injured for any potential trade.

With Jonathan Taylor fit and well-rested, the Colts are trying again to get what they want from a potential trade. Based on latest reports, their asking price is a high second-round pick. No team has come close to meeting the valuation yet.

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Which teams might be desperate enough to trade with the Colts for Jonathan Taylor?

A question many would ask is what makes the Colts think they are going to get a fair value for Jonathan Taylor, when they could not get any before the season. One crucial difference is that coming into the fourth week now, more teams have a better idea of where they stand instead of just basing their situation on hypotheticals. Couple of the teams from last year's playoffs have struggled this season with the run game.


The Minnesota Vikings are clearly not doing well with the departure of Dalvin Cook and are averaging just 66.3 rushing yards per game. They have added Cam Akers from the Los Angeles Rams but in his one game, he averaged 1.3 yards per carry. So, an added option of Jonathan Taylor might not be a bad idea. Maybe the Rams themselves could look to replace Akers with the Colts back.

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However, if moving within the same conference could be a possibility, the Cincinnati Bengals might be a ripe destination. With Joe Burrow's injury slowing their offense, they need output in their running game. So far, they have just 59.3 yards per game on the ground. With their quarterback clearly struggling with a nagging calf injury, adding Jonathan Taylor might help turbocharge the offense.

So far no one has come to meet the Colts' valuation of their running back. However, after all the games are over this week, some team might think it would be better to add his presence to salvage the season.

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