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Will Hub Arkush's NFL MVP voting rights be revoked for Aaron Rodgers comments? 

By now, many have heard pro football writer/editor Hub Arkush's comments about Aaron Rodgers. Arkhush said recently that he would not vote for Aaron Rodgers as this year's NFL MVP.

Arkush said that Aaron Rodgers was "a bad guy" and that's why he wasn't voting for him.


As news of his comments surfaced, he was attacked not only by Rodgers himself, but by other members of the sports media world.

Arkush may or may not be justified in not voting for Rodgers for MVP. However, a lot of people are still saying his MVP voting rights should be taken away.

Hub Arkush has every right to voice his opinion on who he thinks should be NFL MVP. The problem that many are having is not that he is not voting for Rodgers, it's the reason he won't vote for him.

I made a terrible mistake Tuesday with my Aaron Rodgers comments. It was completely my fault. There is no one else to blame, and I am here to try and apologize.

My column is unlocked and free for all to read here:…
7:14 AM · Jan 5, 2022

Arkush has since apologized for his negative comments regarding the three-time NFL MVP quarterback.


Here is the apology from Arkush:

"I made a terrible mistake Tuesday with my Aaron Rodgers comments. It was completely my fault. There is no one else to blame, and I am here to try and apologize."

Will Arkush's comments affect the NFL MVP voting for Aaron Rodgers?

The opinion of Hub Arkush may have very well indeed put Rodgers' MVP votes in jeopardy. The reason for this is because we can be certain that Arkush himself won't vote for Rodgers (unless there is a change of heart).


If he can't be objective, then why should he have a vote?

At the same time, there are other writers and NFL analysts who probably feel the same way about Rodgers, but the difference is they didn't publicly voice their opinions.

Upon hearing the criticism, Rodgers quickly responded with comments of his own, calling Arkush a "bum."

“I think he’s a bum. I think he’s an absolute bum. He doesn’t know me. I don’t know who he is. No one knew who he was, probably, until yesterday’s comments."

The All-Pro quarterback was definitive in his words and did not hold back. He continued with the following:

“I listened to his comments, but to say he had his mind made up in the summertime, in the offseason, that I had zero chance of winning MVP, in my opinion should exclude future votes.”
Aaron Rodgers fires back at Hub Arkush, who said yesterday he won't vote Rodgers for MVP: I think he’s a bum. An absolute bum. ... His problem is I’m not vaccinated.... Maybe just for this season make it the Most Vaccinated Player."

2:37 AM · Jan 5, 2022

Voting for the Most Valuable Player is about stats, not how one feels about them personally and that's the problem. Arkush didn't do himself any favors by letting his personal feelings be involved in his decision on MVP voting.

Had Arkush kept his thoughts to himself on Aaron Rodgers, he probably wouldn't be in this situation and no one would be the wiser.

Everyone has a right to their opinion but sometimes those opinions have consequences and that is what Hub Arkush is finding out.

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