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Davante Adams made a bold statement recently

Ranking the NFL's 5 best wide receivers

After the Green Bay Packers defeated the San Francisco 49ers in Week 9's edition of "Thursday Night Football," Packers wide receiver Davante Adams made an interesting statement.

"I think it's safe to say I am the best wide receiver in the NFL," Adams told reporters.


This is a statement that many receivers around the league would argue. Let us take a look at the top five wide receivers in the NFL today.

5. Tyreek Hill (Kansas City Chiefs)

Tyreek Hill has been sprinting past defenses all season for the Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have the fastest wide receiver in football right now.


Tyreek Hill can make an impact on a football game with one play. The 26-year-old wide receiver is uncatchable when he hits the open field. Throughout his time in the NFL he has developed the nickname of "Cheetah."

Kansas City played this right with Tyreek Hill. They went out and drafted Patrick Mahomes as their franchise quarterback. Mahomes has an absolute cannon and Hill is almost impossible to over-throw. Tyreek played a big role in the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl last season.

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This season Tyreek Hill has 35 catches for 537 yards and 7 touchdowns. He has also had two seasons where he's gone over 1,000 receiving yards. In just his third year in the NFL he's recorded double digit receiving touchdowns.


Hill is averaging 15.3 yards per reception. The 5'10" wide receiver is proving that size doesn't matter. He plays with speed and toughness that you would see in a wide receiver who was over six feet tall. Mahomes and Hill have a bright future together in the NFL.

4. DK Metcalf (Seattle Seahawks)

DK Metcalf is having a great second season for the Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks made the right decision by drafting DK Metcalf in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Metcalf is playing in his second year for the Seahawks and has already turned into a superstar. Metcalf has shown that he can change a game with his size and speed.

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The Seahawks have not had a wide receiver like Metcalf before. Russell Wilson has praised Metcalf on many occasions this season. This season Metcalf has caught 36 passes for 680 yards and 7 touchdowns. His seven touchdowns has tied his career high and we're only in Week 9.


Metcalf is leading the Seattle Seahawks in receiving yards this season. He is also ranked fourth in the NFL in receiving yards. He is tied with Tyler Lockett for receiving touchdowns. Metcalf has clearly separated himself as being the No. 1 wide receiver for the Seahawks.

DK Metcalf is on pace to go over 1,000 receiving yards and double digit touchdown receptions. His speed was showcased when he tracked down Budda Baker preventing a pick-six. The Seattle wide receiver is built like a faster Calvin Johnson.

3. Davante Adams (Green Bay Packers)

Davante Adams is getting closer to being the best wide receiver in the NFL

Davante Adams is the Green Bay Packers' most reliable receiver. He has become Aaron Rodgers' favorite target over the years. Adams is off to a great 2020 season and is on pace to have over 1,000 receiving yards and double digit touchdowns.

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The Green Bay wide receiver has gone over 1,000 yards before in his NFL career. He has also had double digit receiving touchdowns in three of his seasons in the NFL. Adams came three yards short of a 1,000 receiving yards twice in his career. In 2016 and 2019 Davante Adams recorded 997 receiving yards.


Adams is currently averaging 12.7 yards per reception this season. Davante Adams has been the Green Bay Packers top wide receiver over the past few seasons. The Green Bay Packers have a great opportunity at making a playoff run and Davante Adams is a huge part in that.

When the Green Bay Packers selected Davante Adams in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft, they were hoping he would turn into a key player. Adams has done that and more. He has not only developed into a key player but a superstar for the Green Bay Packers.

2. DeAndre Hopkins (Arizona Cardinals)

DeAndre Hopkins is a veteran wide receiver that has proven to be a Hall of Famer

DeAndre Hopkins has not had less than 800 receiving yards in his eight year NFL career. Hopkins is on pace to keep that streak this season. DeAndre Hopkins has caught 53 passes for 704 yards and 3 touchdowns so far this season.


The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver was apart of the most lopsided trade in a long time. The Houston Texans sent DeAndre Hopkins and a fourth round pick to the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for David Johnson and a second round pick. Hopkins was DeShaun Watsons favorite target in Houston.

This is Hopkins' first season in Arizona and has already made a big impact to their passing game. The Cardinals veteran wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is playing in his last season this year. The Arizona Cardinals have a perfect replacement in DeAndre Hopkins.

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DeAndre Hopkins has had a successful NFL career. He has five seasons where he has went over 1,000 receiving yards. He has had three seasons with double digit receiving touchdowns. Some could argue that Hopkins is the best wide receiver in football but the next player on this list shows why he is not.

1. Julio Jones (Atlanta Falcons)

Julio Jones has been an immediate impact player for the Falcons since being drafted.

The Atlanta Falcons drafted Julio Jones with the sixth pick in the 2011 NFL Draft and he has been an impact player ever since. Jones was a star in college while playing at Alabama and continued that success with the Falcons.


Julio Jones is still playing at a high level in his tenth year in the NFL.

The Atlanta Falcons wide receiver has seven seasons where he has over 1,000 receiving yards. Jones came up 129 receiving yards short of 2,000 receiving yards in 2015. All the seasons he racked up big numbers in receiving yards the veteran wide out has only had one season with double digit touchdowns.

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Julio Jones has only went under 900 receiving yards once in his NFL career and that was in 2013. In 2013 Jones only played five games for the Atlanta Falcons before fracturing his foot. He was on pace through those five games to head over 1,000 receiving yards again. He ended the season with 580 yards through five games.

Looking at career stats and impact that the receivers had on a team. Julio Jones is an easy pick for the best wide receiver in the NFL. He has made a difference for the Atlanta Falcons and continues to be a key player for the Falcons even in year ten. Julio's career will most likely end with his face in the NFL Hall of Fame.

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