Top 5 Super Bowl commercials of all time

Top 5 Super Bowl commercials of all time feat. Lil Nas X

The Super Bowl, while extremely focused on the game, is an experience in itself. Not only do we get a championship team, but also one-of-a-kind performances from artists, including a stellar preshow. The commercials, catering to the Super Bowl specifically, are no less important.

If one wants to look back, popular commercials date back to the 80s, making sure to make a grand deal about what they were selling. Be it Coca-Cola, Apple, or Hyundai, the commercials went up in viewership and price, somehow becoming an event in itself.


The Super Bowl LVII is no exception.

With fans already discussing the upcoming commercials, let's take a look at five of the most memorable Super Bowl commercials of all time.

5 - Apple, 1984 (1984)

There probably can't be a Super Bowl commercial list if not for this iconic Apple ad. Directed by Ridley Scott, this particular ad worked wonders for the product. Set around George Orwell's novel, 1984. Scott introduced the world to the Macintosh.


The commercial made Macintosh the hero without really featuring the product.

The information was provided at the end, assuring people that due to their new computer, 1984 won't really be like 1984 (as expressed in the novel).

4 - Doritos with Lil Nas X, Sam Elliott, and Billy Ray Cyrus (2020)


Doritos has produced more than one Super Bowl commercial over the years. If you don't remember the 2010 ad, you might remember the 2020 one starring Lil Nas X, Sam Elliot, and Billy Ray Cyrus.

Lil Nas X's hit 'Old Town Road' met Elliot, coming together for a dance-off no one really expected. It's safe to say that the Doritos Cool Ranch ad was more than popular. Lil Nas X ruled 2019, and Elliot stunned everyone with 'A Star is Born'.

Oh, and don't forget Billy Ray Cyrus cameo right at the end.


3 - John Krasinski, Chris Evans, and Rachel Dratch for Hyundai Smart Park (2020)

Who wouldn't love a collaboration between Captain America (Chris Evans) and Jim Halpert (John Krasinski)?

Another 2020 ad that fans loved was Hyundai's Smart Park ad. It featured Evans, Krasinski, and SNL star Rachel Dratch. What's iconic is that all three actors are Boston natives, going heavy on their accents. Though some may find a few ads boring and drab, Hyundai certainly hit the mark that year.

2 - Rocket Mortgage with Jason Momoa (2020)

Another recent commercial was Jason Momoa with Rocket Mortgage.


The interesting clip had the Aquaman actor shed fake muscles and let his hair down, relaxing in his house. It then escalated to Momoa throwing away his wig, sitting down with a balding head, and his guitar.

1 - Pepsi with Elton John and Melanie Amaro (2012)

Nothing could probably top Sir Elton Jon dressing up as a king and playing for Pepsi.

He was impressed by Melanie Amaro, The X Factor USA winner. She sang Respect, which earned her a can. As the commercial closes out, there's a box of Pepsi cans that people cannot stop waiting for.


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