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What was the longest winning streak in NY Giants history?

What was the longest winning streak in New York Giants history?

The New York Giants are a proud and successful team that plays in the National Football League. The Giants have seen a lot of success in their distinguished history, and we will be taking a look at their longest winning streaks today.

The longest winning streak in Giants' history was their 13-game winning streak that started in the 1989 season and concluded in the 1990 season.


The iconic streak began on December 10, 1989, with a 14-7 win over the Denver Broncos and ended on November 25, 1990 with a 13-31 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The legendary Bill Parcell led the New York Giants to the lengthiest winning streak in the franchise's history. Backed by a career year from RB Ottis Anderson, the Giants were unstopped for almost two seasons.

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They built on their three-game regular season winning streak in 1989 and added it on in a big way the following season. The 1990 New York Giants closed out the season with a Super Bowl victory, stamping their authority as arguably the most excellent Giants team of all time.


Join us as we take a look at the rest of the top five winning streaks in the Giants' history.

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Exploring the rest of New York Giants' top 5 longest winning streaks in franchise history

#5 1930 Giants - Right games in a row


In just their sixth season as an NFL franchise, the Giants in 1930 went on to win 13 games that campaign with a great defense that year as well. This phenomenal season included an eight-game winning streak that started in their fourth game of the season. The Giants were on a tear, winning eight straight games that lasted from October 12 all the way up to November 9.

The streak ended on November 16 when they got shut out against the Chicago Bears. Despite that, they were able to win three out of their final five games to get them to the 13-win mark for the second straight season. The Giants had the second-best record in the league that season.

#4 1986 Giants - Nine games in a row

After the Giants lost to the Seattle Seahawks in week seven, they went on a tear. The coach Parcells manned squad went on to win their final nine regular season games and eventually posted a dominating Super Bowl win against the Denver Broncos.


The 1986 New York Giants team had everything, and they played like Super Bowl locks all season long. They went 14-2 for the year and had a perfect 8-0 at home.

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#3 1962-1963 Giants - 10 games in a row

This run was started during the 1962 season with a nine-game winning streak, during which they won four of those nine games by two touchdowns or more.

Following his streak, the 1963 New York Giants added to their regular season winning streak by winning their season opener against the Baltimore Colts.

This took their regular season winning streak to an impressive 10 games on the bounce, their second-longest streak at the time. The Giants were coached by the great Allie Sherman, who had a career coaching record of 57-54-1.

#2 1927-1928 Giants - 11 games in a row

The 1927 New York Giants team won the final nine regular season games to wrap up a stellar third year in the NFL. They then opened the 1928 season by winning their first two matchups, which matched the team's longest winning streak in Giants' history at the time.

The lengthy winning streak served as a decent distraction, as the Giants won a mere four games in 1928. It is undoubtedly a streak to be proud of and one that the current Giants would be astonished by. What's more, it came in just the franchise's third season as an NFL team.

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