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What is Talanoa Hufanga’s ethnicity?

What is Talanoa Hufanga’s ethnicity? A look into 49ers’ star’s family

Talanoa Hufanga, a safety for the San Francisco 49ers, was selected by the Niners with the 180th overall choice in the fifth round of the 2021 NFL draft. Before that, he played college football at USC.

Tevita and Tanya Hufanga are Hufanga's parents. His father, Tevita, is a native of Tonga and runs a family farm in Oregon.


The name "Talanoa" is indicative of Hufanga's origins. The term "talanoa" is a general one that describes a discussion or the exchange of views. Samoans, Tongans, and Fijians all use the word. In formal contexts, such as between rulers and their subjects, the term can be employed.

It can also be used casually, such as among a group of friends. Talanoa is also utilized for a variety of activities, such as idea sharing, teaching a skill, preaching, relationship building and maintenance, issue solving and information gathering.

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Talanoa Hufanga upholds comradery among his extended family and clans. He still makes it a duty to frequently visit his Tongan family. Additionally, when he was only 14 years old, he traveled with his father, Tevita, to his familial farmland in Tonga. He had a hard time adapting to farm life, but he knew the route.

Hufanga and Zach Wilson shared the 2020 Polynesian College Football Player of the Year Award. His efficiency in the NFL over the past two years represents a feat that should inspire pride in every Tongan. He made 97 tackles, four interceptions, two forced fumbles, and nine passes defensed in the 2022 season. In just his second season in the NFL, this effort led to his selection to the first-team All-Pro.


Talanoa Hufanga has established himself as one of the cornerstones of the San Francisco 49ers' formidable defense, which will continue to present significant challenges for every team they play this year.

Who is Talanoa Hufanga's dad, Tevita Hufanga?

Since their early years, Tevita, Talanoa Hufanga's father, has worked to provide his two boys with higher standards of life. In essence, Tevita has spent his entire life working and serving as a role model for Talanoa.


Talanoa's father initially had doubts about going to the United States. When Tevita was 16 years old, his parents moved to San Diego, but the cultural shock forced him to return to Tonga to live with his uncles while he finished high school.

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When Tevita was 18, he returned to his parents in Southern California. He signed up for a few classes at the community college but ultimately chose to find employment instead.

Tevita first met Tanya, the mother of his kids, in San Diego when he began working. They went to her home state of Oregon, which he had no knowledge of while he was in Tonga but later described to be more like his own country. Tevita and Tanya started establishing themselves in Oregon after he was hired by a material handling business.

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