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  • When Eli Manning was high on Ricky Williams' pot brownies on-air - "My favorite trip all season" 
Ricky Williams got to see Eli Manning's sweet tooth once - images via Getty

When Eli Manning was high on Ricky Williams' pot brownies on-air - "My favorite trip all season" 

According to rumors, Eli Manning had a sweet tooth, even during the offseason. And Ricky Williams got to see it firsthand.

In an episode of his Omaha Production series Eli's Places, the former New York Giants quarterback invited former Pro Bowl running back Ricky Williams to discuss the intricacies of the position. During the segment, Williams offered Manning his pot brownies, and Manning gorged on them:


After his binge, he said:

"I don’t know what it is, but this might be my favorite trip all season.”

But according to fans who commented, Manning was faking his reaction:

“Yeah right, you wish…. Eli is cool enough to pretend to be that cool. But he’s not cool enough to be that cool l o l,” one fan said.
“That gives a whole new meaning to a sugar high,” said another.

Still, another fan defended the 42-year-old, saying:

“Eli knew what he was doing.”


How has Eli Manning managed to keep himself healthy?

When people think of NFL players today, they imagine supremely built athletes who have benefited from elite fitness regimens and meal plans to be able to maintain an ideal weight. Eli Manning, however, was not one of them.

While speaking to Insider last year to promote his partnership with Quaker Oats, Manning revealed that he would "force-feed" himself during playing seasons:

"For me, it was more about I had to keep weight on. And so I was eating, along with my oatmeal, shakes and protein shakes and huge, huge lunches, big dinners, just trying to consume a lot of healthy foods.

However, he has since become less restrictive with himself in retirement, losing some of his playing weight:

"I'm probably down 10 pounds if I had to guess, something in that area. And not on purpose, not trying, just don't have too much concern with [weight].
"I guess since playing football, I'm not force-feeding myself probably as much anymore, but I'm not also exerting as much energy at practice and workouts and lifting and everything as much."

He also shared his thoughts on how offensive linemen maintained their playing weight:

"You kinda have your second breakfast at like nine in the morning. You would have a big snack at three. You'd have your second dinner at eight o'clock. And so it's just, they had a plan and a system how to keep their size, keep their strength up throughout the course of the season. And it was a big commitment on their end."
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