Tom Brady leads the pack in Fantasy Football Points

Who has the most fantasy points ever in the NFL?

Tom Brady surpassed Jerry Rice to be the all-time leader in the NFL fantasy football point leaders. Brady currently has 5,207.5 fantasy football points in his NFL career. Since turning forty years old Tom Brady has 1,042.2 fantasy football points which is a record as well.

Brady can add this to the list of records that he has already accomplished during his NFL career. Once it is all said and done, Tom Brady will go down as the best quarterback to play the game of football. He can now add the best NFL fantasy football player to that.


The future Hall-of-Fame quarterback has had more than 200 NFL fantasy points in every season but one. That one season was in 2008 when Brady was out due to injury. Tom Brady continues to rack up the fantasy points and will only continue to increase his lead. In the 2020 NFL season, Tom Brady has 238.7 NFL fantasy points.

Tom Brady's Best Season in NFL Fantasy Football

The 2007 season for Tom Brady was his best NFL fantasy football numbers of his career. During the 2007 NFL season, Tom Brady went on to score 390.04 total NFL fantasy football points. The New England Patriots would accomplish a regular season record of 16-0 in the 2007 NFL season.


Tom Brady would throw 50 touchdown passes during the 2007 NFL season for the New England Patriots. He would go on to add two rushing touchdowns to his totals. Brady would throw for 4,806 passing yards during that season as well. Tom Brady would only throw 8 interceptions all season.

Brady would average 24.4 NFL fantasy points a game during the 2007 NFL season. He has averaged 17 fantasy football points in each game of his NFL career. Even though the Patriots did not finish the season with a perfect record. It does not take away the success that Tom Brady had in fantasy football.

Tom Brady has a good shot at making it to 6,000 Fantasy Football points

Tom Brady has made it clear that he wants to continue playing football for the next two seasons. Brady has the opportunity to surpass the 6,000 NFL fantasy football points in his career. If Brady can score 250-300 fantasy football points in the next two NFL seasons he will surpass the 6,000 fantasy football point mark.

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