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  • Who is Ryan Poles' wife, Katie? All about Bears GM's partner
Who is Ryan Poles' wife, Katie? All about Bears GM's partner

Who is Ryan Poles' wife, Katie? All about Bears GM's partner

In 2009, Ryan Poles was hired by the Kansas City Chiefs as a scouting assistant. It was his first NFL position. In January 2022, after Ryan Pace was fired, Poles was named as the Chicago Bears' general manager.

Ryan Poles is married to Katie Bud Poles since 2011.


Katie's LinkedIn page states that she works as a Program Director at i9Sports, which is a Youth Sports League. Kids between the ages of two and 14 benefits from the program.

Prior to joining i9Sports in October 2011, Katie worked as a teacher. Her residence is listed as Leawood, Kansas, USA, on LinkedIn, but it's possible that this has changed since her partner, Poles, accepted a job in Chicago.


Poles and Katie are parents to a son named Mason and a daughter named Jordyn. The couple are not heavy users of social media. They only use Facebook, where they have each shared several adorable photos of themselves and their two kids.

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How did Ryan Poles and Katie meet?

The Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles' family had just relocated from Livonia, New York, to a neighboring town of Canandaigua when he met his wife, Katie, during his sophomore year in high school. Kelli, Poles' younger sister, made friends with Katie when she played basketball for Canandaigua Academy.

When Poles met his future wife, his sister didn't like the idea at first.

"My sister was mean to her when we started dating," Poles claimed, as reported by The Athletic.

Poles has always regarded her as "my rock," "my biggest supporter, biggest fan," and for that, he will always be grateful, according to him.

Back in the day, despite having just moved to Boston with Katie, Poles remembered that she was willing to switch again when he told her about his first NFL job in Kansas City.

Poles recalled her saying:

"I'm packed up, I'm ready to go."
"She's always prepared to ride," he said.
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