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Assorted Electric Pokemon in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

5 best Electric-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, ranked

Electric-type Pokemon in the main franchise are well known for their speed, and in Pokemon GO, they still have plenty to offer in many different situations. Even though speed stats don't exactly exist in the mobile title, these high-voltage Pokemon can still battle with the best of their counterparts.


Pokemon GO's meta is always changing, but the top Electric-types have remained the same for quite some time. However, this can always shift after future updates from Niantic as Pokemon and their moves are tweaked. Introducing new battle formats like limited-time PvP leagues can also influence these numbers.

Below, trainers can find the top battle options for Electric-types as of July 2022.


Pokemon GO: Top Electric-type Pokemon to utilize in the Summer of 2022

5) Shadow Zapdos

Shadow Zapdos was obtainable from Giovanni (Image via Niantic)

Despite being a dual Flying/Electric-type, Zapdos has long been one of the top Electric-type attackers in Pokemon GO. When its shadow form was released and made obtainable by defeating Team GO Rocket's Giovanni, this amplified its capabilities even more.

Shadow Pokemon receive an attack boost to their moves, making Zapdos' vicious moves like Thundershock and Thunderbolt even more damaging. This Legendary Pokemon won't be easy to obtain, but the results are well worth the effort.


4) Therian Thundurus

Therian Thundurus in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

One of the three Forces of Nature, Thundurus is a powerful Electric-type, especially when in its Therian forme. It doesn't have the best stamina or defense stats, but it makes up for it with raw attack power. Therian Thundurus also possesses improved moves compared to its Incarnate forme.

Attacks like Volt Switch and Thunderbolt make it a force in PvE raids, though its limited durability makes this Force of Nature somewhat less reliable in PvP battles. However, in the right situation, this Pokemon can still dominate the battlefield.


3) Zekrom

Zekrom is the mascot of Pokemon White Version (Image via Niantic)

A fan favorite Electric/Dragon-type Pokemon, Zekrom is both an excellent fighter as a Dragon-type while being one of the greatest Electric-type battlers the game has ever seen. Whether in raids or PvP, Zekrom sports one of the best utilities in Pokemon GO. Whether a trainer is new or a veteran, they can benefit from adding Zekrom to their lineup.


Combining powerful attacks like Dragon Breath, Outrage, and Wild Charge, Zekrom can meet two distinct roles in raids and PvP without slacking in either. It's truly one of the best dual-type Pokemon currently available in Pokemon GO.

2) Mega Manectric

Mega Manectric can bring plenty of pain to raid bosses (Image via Niantic)

Though it's restricted to Pokemon GO's raids, Mega Manectric boasts the highest Electric-type damage per second in the current meta among all Mega Evolved Pokemon. It's admittedly more of a glass cannon than certain megas, but it can melt enemy targets with ease by using moves like Charge Beam, Thunder Fang, Wild Charge, and Thunder.

The fact that it can buff fellow raid participants due to its Mega Evolved status makes this Pokemon an even more efficient and deadly combatant. If Pokemon GO trainers have Mega Energy to spare, Mega Manectric can be an incredibly powerful ally for them.


1) Mega Ampharos

Mega Ampharos as a raid boss (Image via Niantic)

It may not hit as hard as Mega Manectric, but Mega Ampharos' best feature is its durability. This Mega Electric-type doesn't lose much damage potential compared to its counterparts while picking up increased health and defense.

Mega Ampharos can remain in gym raids longer, buffing its allies and dealing reliable and high damage at the same time. It also possesses a Dragon typing, giving it the ability to resist many more attacks compared to mono Electric-types.

Mega Ampharos admittedly isn't a great attacker as a Dragon-type, but its excellent damage and Electric-type moveset still make it one of the best options available in raids.

If a Pokemon GO player is taking on a raid boss that is a Water or Flying-type Pokemon, especially at higher raid ranks, Mega Ampharos can pile up a high amount of damage in a short amount of time, while sustaining much more damage itself compared to Mega Manectric.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects the author's opinions.

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