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Pokemon GO - Retro Cup: Great League edition best teams (Image via The Pokemon Company)

5 best Retro Cup teams for Pokemon GO Season of Timeless Travels

To start off Season 17 of Pokemon GO Battle League, the developer, Niantic, is taking trainers back to the roots of the franchise with the Retro Cup: Great League edition. This special format of trainer battles allows you to use only critters with elemental typings available in Generation I. This means Dark, Steel, and Fairy-type Pocket Monsters are not allowed. Moreover, being a Great League format, you can only use critters up to 1,500 Combat Power (CP).

One week has passed since the Timeless Travels update of Pokemon GO began. During this phase, the Retro Cup will last from 1 pm PST on December 1, 2023, to 1 pm PST on December 15, 2023. This article outlines some of the best teams you can use in this format.


Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinions. Attacks marked with * are Legacy Moves and require an Elite TM.

Top Retro Cup: Great League edition teams in Pokemon GO Battle League


1) Medicham, Dewgong, and Regirock

Medicham, Dewgong, and Regirock (Image via TPC)
PokemonRoleFast AttackCharged Attacks
MedichamLeadCounterIce Punch and Psychic
DewgongSwitchIce Shard*Icy Wind* and Drill Run
RegirockCloserLock OnStone Edge and Focus Blast

Medicham is a stalwart in the Great League of Pokemon GO Battle League. With no Fairy types to threaten it and Dark types that resist Psychic, it has a field day in the Retro Cup meta. It has been such a dominant force that its hardest-hitting move, Psychic, has been nerfed two seasons in a row.

To support Medicham, you have Dewgong. Depending on the situation, it can deal solid damage with Drill Run or lower the opponent's attack with Icy Wind. Regirock is the closer for this team, able to mow down opponents with nuke moves like Stone Edge and Focus Blast.


2) Toxapex, Dubwool, and Abomasnow

Toxapex, Dubwool, and Abomasnow (Image via TPC)
PokemonRoleFast AttackCharged Attacks
ToxapexLeadPoison JabBrine and Sludge Wave
DubwoolSwitchDouble KickBody Slam and Payback
AbomasnowCloserPowder SnowWeather Ball and Energy Ball

This Pokemon GO team composition depends on Toxapex and Dubwool to chip down opponents while not consuming shields. Considering both these critters are extremely bulky, you should manage this easily.


STAB Brine from Toxapex and Body Slam from Dubwool are also guaranteed to get the opponent low so that Abomasnow, up shields, can sweep in the end game.

Abomasnow hits really hard but is not good at taking hits. However, the combination of Powder Snow and Weather Ball allows it to clean up chipped-down opponents with ease.

3) Quagsire, Frosslass, and Charizard

Quagsire, Frosslass, and Charizard (Image via TPC)
PokemonRoleFast AttackCharged Attacks
QuagsireLeadMud ShotAqua Tail* and Mud Bomb
FrosslassSwitchPowder SnowAvalanche and Shadow Ball
CharizardCloserWing Attack*Dragon Claw and Blast Burn*

Quagsire recently got access to Aqua Tail. With a combination of Aqua Tail and Mud Bomb, it has really good opening matchups against most opposing leads unless faced with a Grass-type attacker. In this case, you can switch to Frosslass. This critter has decent matchups across the Pokemon GO Great League meta.


Charizard is one of the best closers in Niantic's mobile game. The combination of Wing Attack and Blast Burn can be incredibly oppressive when the enemy is out of shields, which is likely to happen often.

4) Unova Stunfisk, Alolan Marowak, and Cofagrigus

Unova Stunfisk, Alolan Marowak, and Cofagrigus (Image via TPC)
PokemonRoleFast AttackCharged Attacks
Unova StunfiskLeadMud ShotDischarge and Mud Bomb
Alolan MarowakSwitchFire SpinShadow Bone* and Fire Blast
CofagrigusCloserShadow ClawDark Pulse and Shadow Ball

Unova Stunfisk barely gets play, as it is outclassed by its Galarian variant. However, in Pokemon GO's Retro Cup it can have a lot of impact. The Ground and Electric-type has many favorable leading matchups and decent bulk to withstand incoming attacks.


The backline of this team consists of two Ghost-types. While the absence of Dark-type critters makes it easier for them to thrive, you should be careful what you align Alolan Marowak against as it is not the most defensively built Pocket Monster. Season 17's buffs to Fire Spin will also come in handy when using this team.

As a closer, Cofagrigus deals a lot of damage with STAB Shadow Claw and can nuke enemies without shields with Shadow Ball.

5) Aurorus, Oranguru, and Cresselia

Aurorus, Oranguru, and Cresselia (Image via TPC)
PokemonRoleFast AttackCharged Attacks
AurorusLeadPowder SnowWeather Ball and Meteor Beam
OranguruSwitchConfusionFoul Play and Future Sight
CresseliaCloserPsycho CutGrass Knot* and Moonblast

This is a signature Retro Cup team, as its primary weaknesses are Steel and Dark-type Pocket Monsters. As long as it doesn't meet a Fighting-type in the lead, Aurorus performs very well. In case it does, you have two excellent answers to FIghting-type Pokemon.


Oranguru is a bulky, safe Switch option, with only Bug-types to worry about when it comes to super-effective damage. Use your shields on Oranguru and Aurorus as needed since Cresselia can hold its ground in the endgame even if it is down shields.

The Retro Cup is only the beginning of what the season of Timeless Travels holds for Pokemon GO fans. You can check out the list of events in store for December 2023.


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