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5 most disliked Pokemon in Sword and Shield

The Pokemon Sword and Shield games are home to a multitude of Pocket Monsters, including those that are liked and disliked by fans of the franchise.

Sword and Shield was released alongside the debut of Generation VIII for Pokemon. With nearly a hundred new Pokemon introduced initially and even more arriving along the addition of expansion passes to the games, it's no surprise some Pokemon were strongly detested.


The following are the five most disliked Pokemon in the Sword and Shield games.

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5 most disliked Pokemon in Sword and Shield


#5 - Skwovet

Skwovet in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Skwovet is essentially the Rattata of Generation VIII. While these Normal-types that resemble real-life animals are to some degree necessary to have in the game, they're mostly Pokedex fillers.

This Pokemon becomes decent once it evolves into Greedent, though it's primarily disliked because neither evolution looks different to an actual squirrel. These are supposed to be Pocket Monsters, not Pocket Animals.


#4 - Applin

Applin in Sword and Shield (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Applin can certainly become a powerful fighting-force once evolved in Sword and Shield. In other words, strength and stats are not the reason for the animosity directed at Applin.

The true reason has everything to do with this Pokemon's design through all of its possible evolutions. Fans of the franchise were thrilled to receive a new dual Grass/Dragon-type in Generation VIII, until they realized the Pokemon's appearance is completely based off of a fruit.

#3 - Clobbopus

Clobbopus in Sword and Shield (Image via The Pokemon Company)

On the surface, a Fighting-type octopus sounds cool. After all, the Fighting-type suits a Pokemon resembling an animal with tentacles quite well.

That's until a player learns that neither Clobbopus nor its evolution, Grapploct, are dual Water/Fighting-types. The lack of dual-typing is what has made this Pokemon #3 on the list of most disliked Pokemon in Sword and Shield.

#2 - Sinistea

Sinistea in Sword and Shield (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Ghost-type Pokemon are oftentimes some of the most well-liked by players of the core series games. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Sinistea.

As with many other Pokemon on this list, Sinistea is mostly loathed for its lackluster design. What trainer sends out a haunted cup of tea and expects to strike fear in the hearts of the enemy?

If this Pocket Monster's appearance isn't enough to convince one of why it is so disliked, its Pokedex entries explaining its lore will finish the job. According to the information provided by the Sword and Shield Pokedex, Sinistea is said to have been born when a lonely spirit possessed a cold and leftover cup of tea. How frightening.

#1 - Blipbug

Blipbug in Sword and Shield (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Blipbug being the most strongly disliked Pokemon in the Galar region should not come as a surprise to anyone.

It seems The Pokemon Company has decided to incorporate a worthless Bug-type Pokemon that runs rampant in the tall grass of every region. Sure, Blipbug improves its awful Base stats once it evolves and even gains the dual typing of Psychic/Bug, but its appearance never gets better.

Blipbug has the clumsiest design for a Bug-type across all generations of Pokemon. Fans might never know how The Pokemon Company started so strongly with Caterpie in Generation I, only to fall this far by the time they reached Generation VIII with Blipbug.

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