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Munkidori nature and moveset guide in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Best Munkidori moveset and nature in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask

The DLC Teal Mask for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet continues to captivate players with its vibrant gameplay and fresh storyline. As it brings back beloved creatures from previous generations and introduces mesmerizing new additions, trainers are constantly exploring ways to optimize their teams and strategies. Among the newcomers, one creature stands out in the Loyal Three: Munkidori. It distinguishes itself with its unique abilities and impressive stat distribution.

This article will delve into crafting the best moveset and selecting the ideal nature for Munkidori, transforming it into a formidable asset for your team.


Best Munkidori nature in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask

The Retainer Loyal Three member Munkidori (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Despite Munkidori's remarkable abilities and 555 base total stats, it bears a weakness to Ghost, Dark, and Ground-type moves due to its Poison/Psychic typing. It has Toxic Chain as an ability and Frisk as a hidden ability.

Choosing the correct nature for Munkidori is important to unleashing its full potential. There are two recommended natures for Munkidori, including:


1) Modest (+ Special Attack, -Attack)

This nature enhances Munkidori's Special Attack stat, an excellent choice for those favoring an offensive playstyle.

2) Timid (+Speed, -Attack)

The Timid nature bolsters Munkidori's Speed, granting it an advantage in outpacing opponents. This nature suits trainers who prefer a swift and agile Munkidori.


Best Munkidori moveset in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask

Best moveset for Okidogi (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Munkidori boasts impressive Special Attack and Speed stats. To construct the most effective moveset for Munkidori, consider the following moves:

1) Nasty Plot

This move empowers Munkidori to raise Special Attack stat in battle, further enhancing its already high offensive potential.

2) Sludge Wave

A 95 Power STAB move that carries a 10% chance of poisoning the opponent.

3) Psychic

Another 95 Power STAB move with a 10% chance of reducing the foe's Special Defense by one stage.

4) Protect/Shadow

Protect aids Munkidori in surviving turns and stalling while the opponent suffers residual damage caused by its ability, Toxic Chain. On the other hand, Shadow Ball is a great 80 Power Ghost-type move that provides valuable type coverage.

Munkidori is a valuable addition to your team (Image via The Pokemon Company)

In The Teal Mask DLC, Munkidori shines as a versatile and potent creature thanks to its unique abilities and exceptional stats. By selecting the appropriate nature and moveset, trainers can unlock Munkidori's complete potential, ensuring its role as an indispensable member of their team, capable of adapting to various playstyles and excelling in battle.

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