Hisuian Sneasel won't get far in Pokemon GO battles without a solid team. (Image via Niantic)

Best team for Hisuian Sneasel in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO fans who have been busy hatching 7km eggs during the Adventures Abound season may have acquired a Hisuian Sneasel. In contrast to its Generation II Dark/Ice-type counterpart, the variant from ancient Hisui is a Fighting/Poison-type species. The creature can also evolve into Sneasler when fed 100 candies and walked with as a Buddy Pokemon for seven kilometers.

Although Hisuian Sneasel doesn't really have the numbers to be competitive in Pokemon GO's conventional PvE and PvP arenas without evolving, some trainers may still use it in certain circumstances. This includes Team GO Rocket battles, gym attacks, low-tier raids, and specialty PvP formats like the Hisui Cup.


However, if Pokemon GO players are serious about using Hisuian Sneasel as-is, they'll need to complement it with a well-rounded team.

What is Hisuian Sneasel's best PvE team in Pokemon GO?

Shadow Mamoswine can naturally protect Hisuian Sneasel in Pokemon GO. (Image via Niantic)

Hisuian Sneasel doesn't sport the IV stats and maximum CP to be a contender in high-level raids, but Pokemon GO players can still use it effectively in Team GO Rocket battles or low-tier raids with the right team around it. Specifically, players will want to utilize creatures that can defeat Hisuian Sneasel's counters who also have high IVs and CP.


Since Hisuian Sneasel is weak against Psychic-, Ground-, and Flying-type attacks/Pokemon, players will want to account for this when building a team. Legendary and Pseudo-Legendary Pocket Monsters shouldn't be out of consideration if they're available, as Hisuian Sneasel will need to switch out often to be effective.

Recommended PvE team for Hisuian Sneasel:

  • Hisuian Sneasel
  • Shadow Metagross
  • Shadow Mamoswine
  • Kartana
  • Shadow Weavile
  • Rayquaza

Obviously, trainers battling Team GO Rocket won't have access to a full six-Pokemon team, but they should be able to use the likes of Shadow Weavile and Shadow Mamoswine to counter any opponents that can deal super effective damage to Hisuian Sneasel.

What is Hisuian Sneasel's best team in Pokemon GO PvP?

Alolan Ninetales can counter two of Hisuian Sneasel's weaknesses. (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Truth be told, Hisuian Sneasel won't do Pokemon GO fans much good in the PvP arena. Although it has extremely niche use in the Great League with the right team around it, Hisuian Sneasel simply doesn't have the stats or maximum CP to avoid being obliterated in the Ultra and Master Leagues.

Hisuian Sneasel does have some upside in specialty PvP formats like the Hisui Cup that appear occasionally. However, due to the limitations imposed in these specialty cups, the same team that can assist Hisuian Sneasel in the Great League may not be completely eligible for entry.


Recommended Great League PvP team for Hisuian Sneasel:

  • Alolan Ninetales (Attacker), Hisuian Sneasel (Switch), Mandibuzz (Defender)

The team above will utilize Alolan Ninetales' Ice-type arsenal to counter both Ground- and Flying-type opponents that can give Hisuian Sneasel trouble. Meanwhile, Mandibuzz anchors the team with its incredible defensive capabilities thanks to its Defense and Stamina IVs. It also has the ability to effectively counter Psychic-type opponents as a Dark/Flying-type.


Obviously, Pokemon GO players should remain flexible when using Hisuian Sneasel in PvP including in specialty cups. A Dark- or Ghost-type Pokemon should absolutely be used in the team lineup to protect Sneasel from Psychic-type opponents, and Ice-types are perfect for taking down Ground- and Flying-type foes.

Meanwhile, Hisuian Sneasel can serve as a reliable enough Switch to take down other opponents in niche situations. It shouldn't be left in battle very long due to its low stats, but it can win a few type matchups in some circumstances. Using Sneasler over Hisuian Sneasel is still highly preferable, but some trainers simply go their own way in battle.


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