Raikou is the Electric-type Legendary Beast in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

Best team for Raikou in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO introduced Raikou in August 2017 alongside its fellow Legendary Beasts Entei and Suicune. Since then, trainers have sought out this rare Pocket Monster for various reasons, including adding it to their Pokedexes, finding its shiny variant, and using it in PvE and PvP battles. However, is the creature a solid pick in combat?

The answer is a tricky one to parse. Raikou excels in PvE situations in Pokemon GO and can shine in Master League PvP. It also has applications in Great/Ultra League PvP, though not quite as much due to it not being at its full CP. Regardless of where players use Raikou, it's advised to form a great team around it.


The best team for Raikou looks a bit different in Pokemon GO, depending on what arena it's stepping into.

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What is the best PvE team for Raikou in Pokemon GO?

Swampert is a huge help to Raikou in most forms of Pokemon GO battles (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Thanks to its high Attack and Defense IVs in Pokemon GO, Raikou performs well in PvE situations, including raids and Team GO Rocket battles. However, it does have its vulnerabilities, particularly Ground-type attacks/Pokemon. Since that's the case, trainers will want a group of capable creatures that can cover the Pocket Monster's weaknesses.

Recommended raiding team for Raikou

  • Raikou
  • Shadow Weavile
  • Shadow Metagross
  • Kartana
  • Shadow Salamence
  • Shadow Swampert

With the team listed above, Raikou's weakness to Ground-type attacks/Pokemon is easily covered by the presence of Kartana, Shadow Swampert, and Shadow Weavile. Meanwhile, Shadow Metagross provides a potent blend of offense and defense with a Psychic/Steel typing. Shadow Salamence rounds out the team with a Flying/Dragon typing, providing plenty of type coverage.

Furthermore, the same great creatures that are effective at flanking Raikou in Pokemon GO raids also have the capability to bolster it in Team GO Rocket battles. However, since only three teammates can enter a Rocket battle, trainers are recommended to bring along Shadow Swampert and Shadow Metagross.

What are the best PvP teams for Raikou in Pokemon GO?

Galarian Stunfisk is a huge help to Raikou in PvP (Image via Niantic)

Depending on which iteration of Pokemon GO's Battle League Raikou enters, it will need an appropriate team based on the meta. Fortunately, this isn't all that difficult, as trainers should know well that Raikou's weakness to Ground-type picks should be covered. The PvP team should also utilize an effective defensive Pocket Monster and one geared for high-octane offense.

As previously noted, Raikou excels in the Master League since it can maximize its CP and get backup from teammates who can do the same. Be that as it may, the right teammates can also help uplift Raikou into a more solid contender in player-vs-player battles.


Recommended PvP teams for Raikou

  • Great League - Sableye (Attacker), Raikou (Switch), Galarian Stunfisk (Defender)
  • Ultra League - Swampert (Attacker), Raikou (Switch), Registeel (Defender)
  • Master League - Groudon (Attacker), Raikou (Switch), Dialga (Defender)

All three teams outlined above provide Raikou with a heavy-handed attacker and a stalwart defender. Raikou's teammates can help cover its Ground-type weakness, while it can assist with protecting its allies when they're in unfavorable type matchups.

Although the teams outlined for PvE and PvP aren't the only ones that can bring Raikou success, they have a fantastic chance of achieving victory. However, players should always be flexible with their team compositions based on the shifts of the meta over time.


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