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Galarian Stunfisk as seen in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Best teams for Galarian Stunfisk in Pokemon GO

Galarian Stunfisk is often one of the first creatures that pop into players' minds when they think of Pokemon GO's competitive battling scene. In addition to its amazing performance in the game mode, the Pocket Monster is the best example of a terrible pick from the main series that plays almost perfectly in Niantic's mobile title.

However, simply having a specific creature on one's Pokemon GO team does not guarantee success. Here are some good teams that trainers can use for tiers where Galarian Stunfisk shines.


Note: The teams listed in this article are subjective and solely reflect the opinions of the writer

Best team for Galarian Stunfisk in Pokemon GO's Great League features Medicham and Dubwool

Galarian Stunfisk's best team for Great League (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Galarian Stunfisk's kit does not leave it in a great position in most Pokemon GO team compositions.


A defensive Steel-type creature with damage potential is appreciated at any stage of a fight. However, Medicham is typically used in Great League as one of the format's best safe switches. Players should keep this in mind if they want to use this blueprint.

Dubwool serves a similar purpose, so this team bracket could really be arranged in any way the trainer deems fit. Players should just remember the creature's Fighting weakness and some key loss matchups between the two other party members. They should keep Dubwool away from other Medicham. Meanwhile, Medicham should be kept away from any Ghost-type foes.

PokemonFast AttacksCharged Attacks
Galarian StunfiskMud ShotRock Slide, Earthquake
MedichamCounterPsychic, Ice Punch
DubwoolDouble KickBody Slam, Payback

Each of these creatures has around the same value in this team. They all have some bulk to play with and some damage potential.


All three Pocket Monsters make exceptional switches, so there is a lot of safety and consistency with this team composition in Pokemon GO.

Best team for Galarian Stunfisk in Ultra League features Cresselia and Altered Giratina

Best team for Galarian Stunfisk in Ultra League (Image via The Pokemon Company)

In the Ultra League, more Legendary Pokemon start to sneak into the roster. This means Galarian Stunfisk somewhat falls off compared to other picks. However, it is still a metagame threat, as it is one of the top 50 Pocket Monsters in this tier of play. Support from two of the tier's most popular Legendary Pokemon is not required but greatly appreciated.

Both Cresselia and Altered Giratina are tanks in Pokemon GO. They give players some much-needed diversity in their team's movepool. Cresselia typically provides Fairy and Grass attacks, while Giratina boasts Ghost and Dragon moves, ensuring the team does not get walled off entirely by any one defensive pick.

PokemonFast AttackCharged Attack
Galarian StunfiskMud ShotRock Slide, Earthquake
CresseliaPsycho CutGrass Knot, Moonblast
Altered GiratinaShadow ClawDragon Claw, Shadow Sneak

Once again, each pick in this tier is relatively interchangeable. Each teammate is inherently tanky, meaning there is not a particular spot in the team where they thrive. However, this team can be a bit slow to use compared to more evenly balanced compositions, where DPS Pokemon are intertwined with tanks and safe switches.

Galarian Stunfisk's combat power limit in Pokemon GO cuts off right before the max for Ultra League. This means the creature is unviable and unusable in Master League.


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