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Hisuian Braviary as it appears in the game (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

How to solo defeat Hisuian Braviary in Pokemon GO 3-star raids

Pokemon GO's Psychic Spectacular event has marked the arrival of many powerhouses in Raid Battles. One of the highlights of this occasion is the Battle Cry Pokemon, Hisuian Braviary. This entity has appeared in Gyms as a three-star raid boss, along with Galarian Mr. Mime and Alolan Raichu. Not only that, if you get lucky in its raid, you might encounter their Shiny variants.

Going solo against powerhouses like Hisuian Braviary necessitates perfect counters, healing items, and a battle strategy. That Pokemon is challenging to take down. You must include robust creatures with outstanding offensive and defensive power in your team to do so.


Movesets that deal increased damage to the raid boss are crucial for success in this battle. This guide will help you solo defeat Hisuian Braviary in Pokemon GO's three-star raids.

Pokemon GO: Hisuian Braviary weaknesses, resistance, and type

Hisuian Braviary's background (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

Knowing Hisuian Braviary weaknesses and resistance is critical to taking it down in Pokemon GO. Monsters are weak and strong against specific moves. Hisuian Braviary is vulnerable to Dark, Electric, Ice, Ghost, and Rock-type attacks while being resistant to Fighting, Ground, Psychic, and Grass-type.


The max Pokemon GO Combat Power (CP) of Hisuian Braviary can climb up to 3,181. With a stamina and attack-centric stat spread, this monster poses a significant threat to solo raiders. It has 213 Atk, 137 Def, 242 Sta. During raids, its power level is dramatically increased. However, with proper counters that inflict considerable damage and tank opponents' attack, you can surely beat Hisuian Braviary.

Pokemon GO: How to counter Hisuian Braviary in 5-star raids

Hisuian Braviary counters (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

An amazing counter to use against Hisuian Braviary in three-star raids is Mega Tyranitar. Its best moves, Bite and Brutal Swing, are effective against this boss' typing. Moreover, Mega Evolved Pokemon possess extraordinary battle power, which you can use to win solo raids.

Hisuian Braviary boasts a lot of offensive power. Therefore, your battle roster must include monsters that tank and attack well. You can also utilize the Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) effect for better damage results, like Mega Rayquaza with a Flying-type Dragon Ascent Charged move. Along with that, you can add Mega Gengar and Mega Diancie.

With a dual Dragon-and-Electric-type Zekrom that has Charge Beam and Fusion Bolt, you can significantly damage Hisuian Braviary. Since this boss is weak to Zekrom's typing, utilizing its power promises many benefits. As a regular counter to your battle team, It has 275 Atk, 211 Def, 205 Sta.

Notably, Shadow Pokemon, like Shadow Rhyperior, can also be included on your team to increase your battle power. That monster inflicts critical damage with 17.29 damage per second (DPS) with its best moves. Shadow Rhyperior can be a great help in this raid.

Can Hisuian Braviary be Shiny (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

During the Pokemon GO Psychic Spectacular three-star raids, these counters can aid you in winning against Hisuian Braviary. The event started at 10 am local time on September 20 and will run till 8 pm local time on September 24. Although you can partake in this raid solo, it's a more fulfilling experience with friends.

If you get lucky during the event, you can even encounter the Shiny form of Hisuian Braviary. You can make quick work of the raid boss' regular version using the aforementioned counters. Beating that variant will help you find the Shiny Hisuian Braviary in Pokemon GO.


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