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Terapagos as seen in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

"Is this an Easter egg?": Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player showcases unique in-game feature

With the Indigo Disk chapter for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet just a week away, many players are playing through the Paldea region one last time before exploring in the new area in the DLC. During an expedition to Area Zero, one player found a particularly interesting detail hidden in an inaccessible area of the map.

This small detail on the map may have been a teaser for the expansion when it was initially put into the game. It's possible that this part of the game holds some significance to the world-building started in the base game of the latest titles. But does this observation have any merit? u/vileblood91 on the game's subreddit seems to think so.

"Is this an Easter Egg?"

Reddit reacts to strange symbols hidden in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Area Zero


Redditor u/vileblood91 pointed out these strange symbols they found during their travels through the dangerous and lore-significant Area Zero. They asked the community if this was an Easter egg or a reference to anything in particular. The community was quick to respond to this matter, stating that it was indeed an Easter egg that was hinting at the release of the expansion pass.


Another user on the subreddit pointed out that this area is very important in the game's lore, as it appears several times. These particular symbols on the ground were shown again in the teaser for the expansion pass, with u/TallFutureLawyer pointing out that this spot was also shown in the Scarlet and Violet Books.

The Scarlet and Violet Books are the most important items in the stories of both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as they show the detailed research of the scientists who traveled to the area after hearing word of life-changing discoveries inside. Scarily enough, none of the researchers who went on this expedition ever came back, leaving these two books as the only remaining evidence of the true nature of Area Zero.


This one part of the game, which many players would likely glance over, may be much more important than it was initially given credit for. The name of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's expansion, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, makes it clear that the DLC will be tied to the legendary area. However, the Teal Mask did very little in this regard, meaning the Indigo Disk could be where things really get crazy.


This was hinted at as far back as the beginning of the Teal Mask expansion, when players meet Briar, a new character and teacher at the Blueberry Academy (where the Indigo Disk chapter supposedly takes place). This character is actually incredibly valuable to the lore as she is one of the descendants of the first Area Zero expedition team and the holder of the original copies of the Scarlet and Violet Books.

Overall, these little details that players are recently discovering have gotten the community excited for what is to come from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Indigo Disk chapter of its expansion pass. Fans can expect this chapter to go live on December 14.

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