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Is Mist Ball good in Pokemon GO?

Latias' signature move has finally made its way to Pokemon GO in the new Air Adventures event. With many Legendary Pokemon finally getting their signature moves in the game, many players wonder if Mist Ball's addition will completely shift future builds for Latias or if players can skip this event.

Since the very beginning, signature moves have been a strong part of the Pokemon franchise. Various well-known Pokemon have their own signature attacks, although some of these attacks have become available to more Pokemon as the franchise progresses.


However, Legendary signature moves remain primarily exclusive. With a battle system as unique as Pokemon GO's for the franchise, some moves have become better than those in the main series.

The same could be said for moves getting worse. But where does Mist Ball fall on this spectrum? Is this move worth the effort of taking down a Mega Evolved Legendary Pokemon for?


Mist Ball in Pokemon GO: Stats and details

Official artwork for the Air Adventures event in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

Mist Ball is a Psychic-type attack with a base power of 120 in Trainer Battles and 105 base power in Gym and Raid Battles. Upon use in Trainer Battles, it lowers the attack of the opponent even if the opponent uses a shield. However, this effect only has a 50% chance of occurring. It also has an energy cost of 60 in Trainer Battles.

As many players know, a charged attack is only a portion of a Pokemon's ability in Pokemon GO. To even use a charged attack like Mist Ball, Latias will need a fast attack to pair with it.

These attacks are responsible for generating the energy required for charged attacks and dealing reliable damage. In Latias' case, there are a few different choices. Like Latios, Latias has access to Dragon Breath and Zen Headbutt.

However, Latias has access to an additional fast attack, Charm. Many players will recognize Charm as being one of the best Fairy-type attacks in Pokemon GO. Dragon Breath or Charm are the best choices.


For players wanting access to Mist Ball Latias, challenging the Mega Latias Raid is required. Not only will the player be required to challenge the Raid Battle, but they will also have to defeat the boss for the chance to catch Latias as well.


With this in mind, the player will need a strategy to take down this Raid Boss. Latias is a Dragon and Psychic-type Pokemon. This means it is weak to Dark, Ghost, Ice, Bug, Fairy, and other Dragon-type attacks.

Some of the best Pokemon to bring to this Raid are ones that are capable of overpowering it directly. Mega Beedrill fits the bill quite nicely as it has a great attack stat and a type advantage.

To summarize the compiled points and details, Mist Ball is very much worth the effort for hardcore Pokemon GO players. Mist Ball is Latias' strongest charged attack and has great secondary effects in the game's competitive Battle League. Paired with Dragon Breath, Mist Ball is an incredibly potent attack.

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