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Official artwork for Galarian Mr. Mime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon GO Galarian Mr. Mime PvP and PvE guide: Best moveset, counters, and more

One of the best parts about being a Pokemon GO player is that the content is constantly updated. The most notable of these rotations are the Raid Bosses, and Galarian Mr. Mime is one of the many Raid Bosses you can encounter as part of the Psychic Spectacular event. Since these Galarian forms of creatures are hard to come by, you will not want to miss out on this opportunity.

While these battles are meant to be completed by groups of players, some may not have enough people to play with or may not want to put in the effort to get a group together. In such cases, they will need to know some strategies they can use to take out this particular Raid Boss alone.


How to counter Galarian Mr. Mime in Pokemon GO

Galarian Mr. Mime as seen in the trading card game (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The first thing that should be noted about Galarian Mr. Mime is its new type combination. While the standard Kantonian Mr. Mime in Pokemon GO is a Fairy and Psychic-type, Galarian Mr. Mime is Ice and Psychic. This particular type combination is rather defensively terrible as it has weaknesses to Rock, Dark, Steel, Fire, Bug, and Ghost-type attacks and only resists other Ice and Psychic attacks.

Apart from this, Galarian Mr. Mime is not a fully evolved Pokemon, so it is less of a threat than previous Raid Bosses you may have faced. Since it lacks a lot of the offensive prowess of Mr. Rime, its evolution, you will have the best chances of winning if you take monsters (such as Metagross) that can wall off its attacks.


Metagross has access to powerful Steel-type attacks and has much higher stats than Mr. Mime in Pokemon GO. With the creature recently becoming easier to find, many players will likely have access to this pick.

Those who do not have Metagross can consider using other Steel-types like Empoleon and Excadrill. Fire-types like Chandelure and Reshiram can be good additions as well.

Can Galarian Mr. Mime be shiny in Pokemon GO?


Thankfully, Niantic has confirmed that Galarian Mr. Mime's shiny form can be obtained through the current rotation of Raid Bosses. However, 3-star raids like the one this monster inhabits do not feature a boosted shiny spawn chance like 5-star or mega raids. As such, those who wish to find a shiny variant will be grinding for quite some time.

However, this is the best way to find a Shiny Galarian Mr. Mime as of writing. Since creatures of rare variants such as these do not spawn in the wild, you will have little luck finding them outside of raids.

Overall, this is the best chance you have to obtain a Shiny Galarian Mr. Mime in Pokemon GO. Just make sure to bring plenty of raid passes and Steel-type Pokemon to counter it.


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