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Pokemon GO Scizor PvP and PvE guide (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon GO Scizor PvP and PvE guide: Best moveset, counters, and more

Scizor was added to Pokemon GO along with the main release of Pocket Monsters from the Johto region in February 2017. It has since seen many developments, with its shiny release as well as the introduction of its shadow form. In August 2022, Mega Scizor made its debut during the Bug Out event.

You can evolve Scyther using 50 Candy and a Metal Coat to get Scizor. Alternatively, this critter will be available in Pokemon GO via Mega raids from 10 am local time on December 1 to 10 am local time on December 9.


Whether you catch it during this time or have one from before and are looking to use it in battle, this article has you covered with its best moveset in different situations. It will also tell you the best form of Scizor to run for particular occasions.

What moves can Scizor learn in Pokemon GO?

Scizor in the anime (Image via TPC)

Scizor can learn the following Fast Attacks in Niantic's Pokemon GO:

  • Bullet Punch - 7.2 damage (3.6/turn) and 7 energy (3.5/turn) [including 1.2x STAB]
  • Fury Cutter - 2.4 damage (2.4/turn) and 4 energy (4/turn) [including 1.2x STAB]

The Charged Attacks that it has access to are:

  • Iron Head - 84 damage at 50 energy [including 1.2x STAB]
  • X-Scissor - 78 damage at 40 energy [including 1.2x STAB]
  • Night Slash - 50 damage at 35 energy with a 12.5% chance of boosting the user's attack by two stages
  • Trailblaze - 65 damage at 50 energy with a 100% chance of boosting the user's attack by one stage

Scizor is a Bug and Steel-type Pocket Monster, which means it resists or takes neutral damage from 16 of 18 elemental types. Only Fire-type attacks are super effective on it, but on the downside, it is doubly so. Scizor gets the benefit of same-type-attack-bonus (STAB) when using Bug and Steel-type attacks.


The Pincer Pokemon has the following base stats in Pokemon GO:

  • Attack: 236
  • Defense: 181
  • Stamina: 172

Best PvP moveset for Scizor in Pokemon GO

Shadow Scizor outperforms Scizor in both the Great and Ultra League formats of GO Battle League. Given its type matchups, it is best to lead with Scizor. The following is its best moveset across both the aforementioned leagues:

  • Fast Attack: Bullet Punch
  • Charged Attack: X-Scissor and Night Slash

If you don't have a Shadow Scizor, you could always substitute it with the regular variant for similar results.

In the Master League, however, regular Scizor outperforms its shadow variant. The critter's go-to moveset here is:

  • Fast Attack: Fury Cutter
  • Charged Attack: X-Scissor and Night Slash

With this moveset, it can easily take down Mewtwo, one of the most prominent threats in the format. Scizor may be a mediocre pick in the open versions of these leagues, but it is a top-tier choice in special cups like the Halloween Cup and Fantasy Cup.


Best PvE moveset for Scizor in Pokemon GO

Mega Scizor in the anime (Image via TPC)

Scizor is a middling pick in Pokemon GO's PvP meta. However, when it comes to Bug-type and Steel-type attackers, Scizor, especially its Shadow form and Mega Evolution, are S-tier picks.

If you plan on using Shadow Scizor or Mega Scizor as a Steel-type attacker, the go-to moves are Bullet Punch and Iron Head. However, if you need a Bug-type attacker, the combination of Fury Cutter and X-Scissor is the way to go.

Best counters to Scizor in Pokemon GO

The following are the best counters to Scizor in the three main leagues of GO Battle League:

Great LeagueUltra LeagueMaster League
Galarian StunfiskCharizardGarchomp
LanturnSwampertHero Forme Zacian
RegisteelTapu FiniGyarados
Shadow GligarTrevenantLugia

Mega Scizor raids are one of the many attractions in the upcoming month. Check out the Pokemon GO's event lineup for December 2023.

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