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Pokemon GO - Shiny Hisuian Growlithe and Shiny Hisuian Arcanine (Image via The Pokemon Company/TPC)

Pokemon GO: Shiny Hisuian Growlithe and Shiny Hisuian Arcanine guide

One thing that ties Pokemon GO players across ages from all over the world is their love for shiny Pocket Monsters. While not everyone is an avid raider or a voracious PvP enthusiast, trainers of all skill levels get excited when they find a shiny critter. This is especially true for new releases. The prospect of finding a newly released shiny before your friends and acquaintances (or strangers on Reddit) makes hunting down the elusive creatures a delightful, albeit tedious, task.

Hisuian Growlithe and Arcanine, which had their Pokemon GO debuts during the Hisuian Discoveries event in July 2022, are finally getting their shiny release. The differently colored rare variants in the game will be available by various means during the Out to Play event starting on September 27 and ending on October 2, 2023. This guide will walk you through all the ways you can get your hands on these critters.


How to get Shiny Hisuian Growlithe in Pokemon GO

Regular and Shiny Hisuian Growlithe (Image via TPC)

There are three ways to get Hisuian Growlithe in Pokemon GO:

  • Eggs
  • Field Research encounters
  • Free Timed Research encounters
  • Paid Timed Research encounters

Pokemon encountered by these means also have a higher IV floor of 10/10/10 in Niantic's AR-based mobile game.


Hisuian Growlithe, with a chance of being shiny, may hatch from 2km and 7km Eggs during the Out to Play event. The creature is usually available in the latter kind, along with other regional variants, but for the purpose of the event, it will also be available in the short-distance Eggs.


Field Research encounters

Special event-themed Field Research tasks will be available. The rewards for these include Hisuian Growlithe, which has a chance of being shiny. The other creatures you may encounter here are Pawmi, Hisuian Qwilfish, and Hisuian Sneasel.

Free Timed Research encounters

An Out to Play-themed Timed Research will be available for free to all players. This will only be available for a limited period while the event itself lasts. Outside of items and Stardust, you may also earn an encounter with Shiny Hisuian Growlithe if you are lucky.

Paid Timed Research encounters

You may also choose to purchase a ticket for the paid Timed Research titled Tails of Adventure for $2 (or equivalent local currency). This line of research will give you the chance to encounter six Hisuian Growlithe, some of which may turn out to be shiny.

How to get Shiny Hisuian Arcanine in Pokemon GO

Regular and Shiny Hisuian Arcanine (Image via TPC)

Shiny Hisuian Arcanine will only be available through evolution. As of now, the creature hasn't appeared in Raids, Research Encounters, or GO Battle League rewards.


To evolve Hisuian Growlithe into Hisuian Arcanine, you must feed the Pocket Monster 50 Candy.

Once you have the creature, you may wish to use it in battle. This article covers Hisuian Arcanine's best movesets in all situations.


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