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The three Lake Guardians as shown in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon GO Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf raid guide (June 2023): Best counters, weaknesses, and more

The Sinnoh Lake Trio is returning to Pokemon GO once again. In their usual unique way, the three of them can only be encountered in certain places around the world. Though being able to find, defeat, and catch all three of these Legendary Pokemon is much harder to do following the changes to remote raiding, it can still be done.

This trio of legendary pocket monsters is known in the universe lore for bestowing human beings with the emotions, willpower, and knowledge that make the latter sentient. Being such important creatures in the development of the Pokemon world we have come to love, these three would make great additions to one's collection.


With the three members having their own stat spreads and potential movesets, players may need a few pointers when it comes to how they can most effectively take down each member of the Sinnoh Lake Trio in Pokemon GO.

How to defeat and catch Uxie in Pokemon GO

Uxie as seen in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Uxie, much like the other members of the trio, is a pure Psychic-type Pokemon. However, what sets it apart from its fellow lake guardians is its unique stat spread which cements it as the tank of the trio. As such, players should aim to maximize their offensive capabilities in order to take it down within the time limit.


Darkrai and Chandelure are the two best creatures players can use to take down this defensive wall of a monster. While Pheromosa and Gengar have the capability to deal a little more damage, they take super-effective damage from Uxie's Psychic-type attacks, which can still do some damage despite its low attack stat.

It should also be noted that Uxie will only appear in Five-Star Raids in the Asian-Pacific region.

How to defeat and catch Azelf in Pokemon GO

Azelf as seen in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Azelf is the powerful one of the group. Expressing a potent attacking stat of 270, it can deal some debilitating damage against trainers who have not prepared properly. As such, players should aim to bring creatures with some defensive utility and bulk. Additionally, Azelf will only appear in the Americas and Greenland.


Dusknoir, Honchkrow, and Darkrai are all great choices for this fight, thanks to their advantageous typings. Honchkrow provides a perfect balance of attack and defense owing to its stats and its Dark typing, granting it near immunity to Psychic-type damage.

How to defeat and catch Mesprit in Pokemon GO

Mesprit as seen in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Mesprit offers a balance in both offense and defense, which can make it the hardest to take down for many trainers. Boasting a defense and attack stat of 212, Mesprit can be a challenge for smaller groups and those with less experience in raiding in higher-level fights. Additionally, Mesprit can only be found in Africa, India, Europe, and the Middle East.

Since Mesprit can potentially wield Blizzard as a Charged Attack in Pokemon GO, players should avoid bringing common counters like Honchkrow and Hydreigon. With this in mind, trainers should opt to bring Dark-types like Darkrai, Absol, Zoroark, and Weavile.


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