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Pokemon HOME version 3.1.2 update (Image via TPC)

Pokemon HOME version 3.1.2 update: Maintenance schedule, release date, and server downtime

Pokemon HOME has become an integral part of the series' gaming franchise and titles.

It's a nodal point for trainers to store and transfer various pocket monsters from different games. The developers have pushed regular updates to keep the application up-to-date, and the latest 3.1.2 update will seek to do the same. While many were quick to think that was about Indigo Disk compatibility, it's not the case.


Released on February 12, 2020, Pokemon HOME is available on Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, iPadOS and macOS. Trainers can also use it to transfer from mainline titles to Pokemon GO.

Pokemon HOME downtime (December 4): When will servers be back up?


According to the information shared by Serebii, the next update is expected to take place on Dec. 4 at 12 am UTC.


The servers will be taken down for maintenance at that time. Trainers will be unable to access the app or log in during that time. The above countdown will help them keep a tab.

According to the available information, the server maintenance will continue until 3 am UTC on the same day (December 4).

It means that the update maintenance will run for around three hours before the servers come online and players are able to step back in. The above countdown will guide trainers regarding when the maintenance is over.

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The Dec. 4 maintenance will reportedly introduce Pokemon HOME mobile version 3.1.2. As mentioned above, it doesn't bring Indigo Disk compatibility to the app, which was confirmed by Joe Merrick (webmaster of Serebii).


The past few HOME updates took place on Oct. 12, Sept. 13 and Sept. 27. We will update this article as soon as the changes for the upcoming version 3.1.2 update are made available.


Pokemon fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Indigo Disk DLC on Dec. 14. It's the second and final part of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero and will introduce trainers to the Blueberry Academy. A host of Legendary Pokemon are set to make their return, along with several debuting pocket monsters.

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